LG bodies: Government needs Rs.135 million monthly to upkeep 8689 members

Government of Sri Lanka

According to local government ministry sources, Rs.135 million needs to be set aside monthly to pay the salaries of 8689 members elected to the local government bodies.

Accordingly, a mayor would receive Rs.30,000 a deputy mayor Rs. 25,000, a chairman Rs. 25,000 a deputy chairman 20,000 while a chairman of a Pradeshiya Sabha would get Rs. 25,000 and a deputy chairman of a Pradeshiya Sabha would be paid Rs. 15,000 as allowances.

In addition to the monthly allowances they are entitled to travelling expenses, telephone allowances, stamp duty and an allowance of Rs. 500 to 1,500 for attending various committee meetings.

In total at the recently concluded Local Government elections 8689 members were elected to 24 municipal councils, 41 urban councils and 276 pradeshiya sabhas. This is nearly double the number of members elected previously which was 4486.

(Source: Daily Mirror – By Jayantha Samarakone)