Luxury ride for MPs

The Parliamentary Affairs Ministry had issued 60 duty free permits for vehicles from January 1st to October 30th this year to parliamentarians worth US$ 3 million (Approximately Rs. 340 million) a ministry official said. Parliamentarians are now entitled to a duty free vehicle worth up to US$ 50,000, an increase of US$ 15,000 from the earlier US 35,000.Explaining the salaries, perks and other allowances paid to Parliamentarians and Ministers, the official, said duty free vehicle permits were issued to Parliamentarians on the depreciation value which means they can obtain a brand new super luxury vehicle worth Rs. 20 million in the open market for about Rs. 3 million. Every Parliamentarian is provided with a personal staff of five for a monthly salary rbetween Rs. 12,910 and Rs. 13,760 excluding the CoL allowance and other perks. They are entitled to a travelling allowance to four annual railway travel warrants or Rs. 10,000 if the MP does not use them. Ministers’ basic salary is Rs. 72,000 with at least three official vehicles plus a fleet of security vehicles and unlimited fuel supply and Rs.100,000 as house rent a month.

Source: Daily Mirror