Manager of renowned salon clubbed to death

Crime scene

A 47-year-old manager of a popular salon in Slave Island, Colombo had been murdered at Muttiah Road in Slave Island last night, Police Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekera said.

He said the victim could have been killed due to a dispute that took place with a group of youth in the area.

Reportedly, the manager had arrived near the salon with his girlfriend when a group of youths nearby had teased the girlfriend.

A disagreement had occurred over the incident between the youths and the manager, they had assaulted the manager and fled.

“Afterwards, the manager accompanied by the woman had followed the group in a three-wheeler. When they caught up, the men had attacked the manager again, this time fatally,” SP Gunasekera said.

“He was pronounced dead on admission to the hospital,” he said.

The youths, aged 17-24, had fled the scene of the crime before being arrested by the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) personnel.

The SLAF had handed over the perpetrators to the police.

Police interrogations have led to the discovery of the murder weapon near the scene of the crime.