Many trade unions in Sri Lanka on strike today against the tax revision


Several trade unions in Sri Lanka have decided to go on strike today (February 08), in protest of the government’s new tax policy and its failure to address the shortage of medicines in the country.

Accordingly, the members of the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) started a 24 hour token strike from 8:00 AM this morning.

The General Committee of the GMOA took this decision in a meeting called yesterday (February 07).

However, the GMOA assured that the token strike will not disrupt essential services in children’s hospitals, maternity hospitals and the cancer hospital.

The GMOA also mentioned that plans are afoot to stage a rally in Colombo.

In addition, bank employees are also planning to launch a trade union action at 12:00 PM.

Meanwhile, the employees of Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) will engage in a work-to-rule trade union action, the president of Sri Lanka Freedom Workers’ Union of SLPA, Prasanna Kalutarage said.

Meanwhile, executive officers in the public sector have decided to go on sick leave today.