Maubima People’s Party convenes first media briefing

Hemakumara Nanayakkara

The Maubima People’s Party convened its first media briefing in Colombo.

’’When you look at the long term, this country is doomed. Today agriculture in the country is finished. How can there be an agricultural industry when the seeds are being brought from Australia?’’

’’There is sunshine in our country 365 days of the year. We may be without sunshine for a maximum of ten days. There are good reservoirs, but due to the mud in the heads of those in the ministries and in Parliament, these reservoirs have dried up.’’

’’The agricultural Sri Lanka that we read of when we were little is no more and now only the slums are left,’’ stated Leader of the Maubima People‘s Party Hemakumara Nanayakkara

’’Look at India which is a very large country. They still follow the Westminster Parliamentary System. This protects the people. Democracy is protected. Under the system here, we are all bound to the decisions of one person. This is scary. We must give prominence to this issue. Elections can be postponed, we do not need elections until this issue is resolved,’’ stated Politburo Mernber of the Maubinla People’s Party Shaul Hameed lnqhammed


Courtesy: News First