Milk powder samples sent to 3 countries for testing

Milk Powder

Minister of cooperatives and Internal Trade Johnston Fernando yesterday directed the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) to obtain samples of all milk powder imported into the country and have them tested in three countries and obtain the relevant reports.

CAA Chairman Rumi Marzook said that he had been instructed by the minister to call for a report on milk samples brought from abroad after the Food Advisory Committee had also recommended that imported milk be tested for substances that were harmful to humans.

The testing, that commenced yesterday, had become necessary after reports that Dicyandiamide (DCD), a chemical substance harmful to humans, had been found in imported milk powder. It was noted that a similar situation had arisen earlier and that tests had been carried out and reports submitted to the health ministry on that occasion too.

Earlier the health ministry said that, the Ministry’s Food Advisory Committee had made it compulsory for milk powder importers to obtain a certificate from a recognized laboratory certifying that imported milk powder did not contain Dicyanamide (DCD).

The meeting was held on Tuesday (14) at the Health Ministry in the presence of Health Services Director General Dr. Palitha Maheepala on the instructions of Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena after several media reports indicated that imported milk powder contained a substance that was harmful to humans.

(Courtesy: DM Online)