Mistress of Bloemandhal Sanka involved in Grandpass shooting arrested

Handcuffs - Arrest by Police

The police today arrested a 45-year-old woman, believed to be the mistress of notorious underworld gangster Sanka Shirantha, alias Bloemendhal Sanka, the main suspect wanted for yesterday’s Grandpass shooting.

The woman at the time of arrest had been burning the clothes and mobile of Bloemandhal Sanka with the motive of destroying evidence.

“The police raided the woman’s house on Wednesday evening after information received that the main suspect in the shooting, Bloemendhal Sanka, had visited the house following the shooting,” Police Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekera said.

A special investigation is underway to arrest Bloemandhal Sanka who has fled.

1 person was killed and 4 were injured in the shooting.

The deceased was 32 year old Dinesh Eranga, who is also an underworld criminal.

54 persons have been killed in shootings this year.