Ms Pillay what about civilians murdered by LTTE in Sri Lanka in non-combat areas and during ceasefires?

 Navi Pillay - UN

– by Shenali D Waduge –

What or who gave the right to terrorists and their movements to plan, execute and eliminate people? What or who gave terrorists rights when they are not signatory or bound by the international laws that prevail? Who gave terrorists any right to declare war on nations and with what right have some even entertained these notions that have obliterated situations beyond repair? What or who gave terrorists right to be placed on par with legitimate and elected governments when they are outlawed and proscribed? The fact remains that throughout 3 decades the LTTE specifically planned to kill and murder ordinary people getting about their lives, people unprepared for the surprise attacks that came their way, people living in their villages, traveling in buses and people who were unarmed. These killings are nothing but cold blooded murder and they need to be now punished. In any court of law the person committing the murder is just as guilty as those planning it or those aware of it. As accessories in murder all of the LTTE front organizations now promoting themselves as peace charlatans and in particular the political party calling themselves the Tamil National Alliance must stand on trial for all these civilian murders that have taken place since early 1980s.

LTTE claimed to be fighting for a separate land mass to rule their own people – this was defined as ONLY those people who functioned to LTTE dictates. Those that didn’t are now feet underground and they number over 250 Tamils of standing while we are clueless about the number of ordinary Tamils who suffered the same fate and this includes scores of LTTE cadres as well.

What is important and an issue that the Sri Lankan Government officials have not raised and should raise with Ms. Navi Pillay is that the civilians killed over 3 decades were nowhere near combat zones/areas. They did not die because of some missiles accidentally hitting where they lived. They were not caught between LTTE terrorists or the army to claim collateral damage and they were not killed because of targeted killings such as drones that the US takes part in.

The Sri Lankan civilians who died deserve far more attention than the examples that are used to demand accountability during the final stages of the war because UN officials, Darusman Report have all acknowledged that the LTTE were using civilians as combatants and this does not give these Tamil civilians protection under human rights law if they are indulging in any terrorist activity (whether by force or voluntarily) – how is a soldier to identify this given that most often LTTE fired in civil clothes. How precarious for us to imagine a soldier taking time to ascertain whether the person in civil was in the LTTE or not before shooting and would the soldier have been alive to tell us that he was not an LTTEr. But these are the bizarre rulings issued from officials sitting in air conditioned rooms across the seas.

The issue here was that every government, every UN official and every international law maker have purposely ignored that LTTE were planning and murdering people and they had a virtual carte blanche to do so. Moreover, they improvised human beings to act as bombs making identification all the more difficult. Were the dead, non-combatants? Were they in a combat zone? All laws of war are generally applicable to armed conflicts (international or otherwise) and while terrorists have yet to be defined we have some countries banning terrorist groups as they see fit – omissions or inclusions have created confusions world over given that countries like the UK where LTTE was banned since 2001 and its Government declaring that the LTTE was second only to the Al Qaeda, finds it acceptable to allow LTTE to openly have its international office function in London, LTTE front organizations to hold fundraising events in UK where the most amusing factor was to see UK parliamentarians even attend and sit behind a backdrop of a towering cut out of Prabakaran and then continue to allow the nurse who trained little children to kill and then to kill themselves by committing suicide taking a cyanide capsule to live happily ever after in UK. So when Governments say one thing and do the total opposite can this world be ever rid of terrorism or put an end to the loss of life?

In adopting Geneva Conventions it is emphasized again that while humane treatment for captured legal combatants are given great prominence what about the rules of law for people snuffed out just because it serves the terrorist agenda? How can the Red Cross or UN respond to this? International bodies must stop picking and choosing who to term terrorist and whose label they hope to dangle simply to get Governments to tow the line according to their agendas? In simply allowing LTTE to kill thousands of people and putting more emphasis on peace talks and ceasefires that the West knew were times used to regroup and rearm because the West manufactures virtually all the weapons used in conflicts – what is the game these nations are playing with ordinary people? Ideally what should happen if any peace is to prevail in this world is to declare Manufacture and Sale of Arms as a War Crime. If there are no arms and no nuclear arsenal around would there be any wars and more importantly loss of life!!!!

While the international referees are ever ready to dangle the red card to Third World governments in how they should treat terrorists according to the text books of international laws drawn up by them the civilized world they pay scant regard to the manner terrorists like LTTE have been operating in cohorts with their alliances and alias’s the world over.

If the answer to all ills can be resolved through negotiations that means no group has any right to be brandishing guns to get their way. When they use the guns on innocent people who have nothing to do with their grievances or unsuccessful aspirations then they need to be punished and not given VIP treatment as LTTE has been given. In doing so the international players have completely delayed justice for the scores of people who were simply pawns in a larger game.

How would LTTE have got their Eelam/Self-Determination by killing innocent unarmed civilians?

The below list of civilian deaths by LTTE since 1980s excludes the killings on unarmed civilians by Indian Peace Keeping Force as well as the civilians who died in India when LTTE assassinated the son of the Indian prime minister who first started training, arming and financially supporting Sri Lankan Tamil militants in India for which the world and India keeps mum about. If this was not state sponsorship of terror what is?

The list will reveal how LTTE attacked Sinhala and Muslim villages in the North so as to kill or chase them from the North in a bid to claim the area as being inhabited ONLY by Tamils to which the Tamil National Alliance were also accessory as were the LTTE front organizations and others. This is a criminal offence.

21/01/1984 Bombs placed at Hotel OBEROI, COLPETTY, exploded causing damage to equipment and killing/injuring civilians.
29/11/1984 First attack by LTTE on civilian villagers (Doller Farm) killing 62 civilians
30/11/1984 2nd attack by LTTE on civilian villagers (Kent Farm) killing 29 civilians
01/12/1984 18 Sinhalese shot dead at Kokilai and Nayaru
14/05/1985 18 Sinhalese villagers shot dead at Wilpattu.
14/05/1985 Sacred city of Anuradhapura attacked killing 120 Sinhalese Buddhist pilgrims including Seelawansa Thero apraying inside sacred Sri Maha Bodhi premises
04/06/1985 Sinhala settlement in Dehiwatta attacked killing 15 civilians
02/08/1985 RUHUNU SOMAWATHIYA Temple at Thrikonamadu attacked killing 6 civilians
14/08/1985 Villagers at Aranthalawa, Ampara attacked killing 7 civilians
18/08/1985 Sinhala villagers in Namalwatta fired upon killing 7 civilians
07/11/1985 Sinhala villagers in Namalwatta attacked again killing 10 civilians
19/02/1986 LTTE attack Sittaru Ella village.
19/02/1986 Village in Kantale, Trincomalee attacked killing 19 civilians
03/05/1986 Bomb planted in aircraft of Bandaranaike airport explodes killing 16 civilians including foreigners
05/05/1986 Village in Kiniya, Trincomalee is attacked killing 5 civilians
07/05/1986 Bomb explosion at Sri Lanka Telecom Head Office, Colombo killing 14 civilians
21/05/1986 Bomb explosion at the Mitsui Cement Complex, Trincomalee killing 20
25/05/1986 Attack and setting fire to 20 houses of Sinhalese in Mahadivulwewa, Trinco killing 20 civilians
30/05/1986 Bomb explosion at the Elephant House supermarket, Slave Island, Colombo 02, killing 11 civilians
31/05/1986 A bomb explosion on YAL DEVI Train at Veyangoda, Gampaha kills 10 civilians
02/06/1986 Village in 3rd Mile Post, Trinco attacked killing 10 civilians
04/06/1986 ANANDANKULAM Sinhala village in Andankulam, Trinco attacked killing 17 civilians
11/06/1986 Two bomb explosion in two CTB buses, in Trinco goes off almost simultaneousl and kills 22 civilians and injures over 75
21/06/1986 Village in Wilgamvehera, Trinco attacked killing 9 civilians
25/06/1986 A Bomb explosion in the Sittaru/Kantale area Trinco kills 16 civilians
08/07/1986 Monkey Bridge Sinhala village Trinco is fired upon killing 15 civilians
09/07/1986 Village in Mollipothna, Trinco attacked killing 16 civilians
13/07/1986 Attack on PAVAKKULAM, Trinco killing 11 civilians
17/07/1986 Bomb explodes in Block 4 Sugar Corp, Trinco killing 10 civilians
19/07/1986 Sinhala village in GODAPATHANA, Beruwil & Wadigawewa in Polonnaruwa attacked killing 17 civilians
22/07/1986 Land Mine explosion on a Civilian Bus at MAMADUWA, Vavuniya kills 32 civilians and injures many
24/07/1986 Bomb explosion at Issenbessagala, Anuradhapura kills 17 civilians and injures over 40 civilians
17/09/1986 Block 04 of the Suger Corporation, KANTALAI, Trinco attacked killing 10 civilians
17/09/1986 Sinhala villagers in Wadigawewa, Trinco fired upon killing 12 civilians
04/02/1987 Sinhala villagers in Manthottam, Ampara attacked killing 8 civilians
07/02/1987 Village in ARANTHALAWA, Ampara is attacked with clubs and swords and 27 civilians are hacked to death
18/02/1987 Parcel Bomb explosion at NELUMGAMA, Badulla killing 7 civilians
25/03/1987 25 Sinhala villagers in SERUNUWARA, Anuradhapura are shot dead
17/04/1987 96 civilians and 31 SF personnel who were travelling in a Passenger Bus at Habarana and Kithuluthuwa, Trincomalee are shot dead
20/04/1987 Sinhala villagers in Jayanthipura, Trinco is fired upon killing 15 civilians
21/04/1987 Car Bomb at the Central Bus Stand, PETTAH, Colombo kills 106 civilians and injures over 295 civilians
29/05/1987 Sinhala villagers in Kadawathmadu, Polonnaruwa fired upon killing 7 civilians and injuring scores of others
02/06/1987 Massacre of 35 student Buddhist Priests and 04 civilians at Aranthalawa, Ampara – each Buddhist priest butchered one after the other
11/06/1987 Private Van proceeding from HOROWPATANA to TRINCOMALEE was blasted by a Preasure Mine at VEPPANKULAM, Trinco killing 13 civilians
12/06/1987 Godapotha Temple in Polonnaruwa attacked killing 8 civilians and injuring many
21/06/1987 Sinhala village in Godapotha, Beruwila, Polonnaruwa fired upon killing 5 civilians
29/07/1987 9 civilians killed in Thoppur, Trincomalee
06/10/1987 BATTICALOA Mail Train at VALACHCHENAI, Batticoloa is fired upon killing 40 civilians
06/10/1987 THARAVAI Sinhala settlement in Batticoloa attacked killing 25 civilians
06/10/1987 57 houses of Sinhalese villagers in Sagarapura, Trincomalee are set on fire killing 27 civilians
07/10/1987 30 Civilians travelling in a CTB Bus from MONARAGALA to POTTUVIL at LAHUGALA, Ampara are shot and killed
10/10/1987 GANTALAWA village in Kantalai, Trinco is fired upon killing 9 civilians
15/10/1987 Sinhala village in Ella Kantalai, Trinco is attacked killing 14 civilians
16/10/1987 A Bus proceeding from PULMODDAI – ANP Road in Trinco is stopped and attacked killing 8 civilians
09/11/1987 A Car Bomb explosion inside a vehicle opposite Zahira College, Maradana, Colombo killing 23 civilians and injuring over 100 civilians
15/12/1987 Village, Devalegodella, Polonnaruwa attacked killing 7 civilians
22/12/1987 6 fishermen abducted and killed in Morawewa, Trincomalee
31/12/1987 KATHANKADU, Muslims village in Batticoloa attacked killing 30 civilians
31/12/1987 Mahadivulwewa village in Trinco is attacked and 15 houses are set on fire and 8 civilians are killed and scores others are injured
01/01/1988 Sinhala settlement in Kuruniyankulama, Trincomalee is fired upon killing 3 civilians and injuring many
02/02/1988 Bogamuyaya village, Ampara is attacked killing 11 civilians
02/03/1988 D-1 MORAWEWA village in Trincomalee attacked killing 24 civilians and wounding many
05/03/1988 Land Mine explosion on a civilian lorry at SITTARU, KANTALAI, Trincomalee kills 24 civilians
11/03/1988 Private Bus at Suhadagama, Horowpathana in Polonnaruwa attacked with small arms and grenades killing 19 civilians and wounding many
14/03/1988 Civil Bus at Peniketiyawa, Trincomalee is ambushed killing 28 civilians
14/03/1988 Galmitiyawa village, Trincomalee is attacked killing 12 civilians
15/03/1988 Village at Kivulkade, Trincomalee is attacked killing 7 civilians
17/03/1988 Sinhala villagers at 35th and 36th Colonies, Deegavapi in Ampara are attacked killing 13 civilians and injuring many
22/03/1988 Village at Pudukulam, Vavuniya attacked killing 4 civilians and wounding many
22/03/1988 Village at Medavachchikulam, Vavuniya attacked killing 9 civilians
31/03/1988 Saindamaradu/Kalmunai villages in Ampara attacked killing 17 civilians
08/04/1988 Meegaswewa village in HOROWPATANA, Anuradhapura attacked killing 14 civilians
30/04/1988 Civilian Bus at Avaranthalawa, Vavuniya attacked killing 4 civilians
01/05/1988 Land Mine on a CTB Bus at Sittaru, Kantale in Trincomalee kills 26 civilians and injures many
09/07/1988 A CTB Bus leaving Jaffna ambushed at Irattaperiyakulam, Vavuniya killing 2 civilians
21/07/1988 Time Bomb explosion in Bandula Hotel causing damage to the Building in Trincomalee town kills 5 and injures many
28/07/1988 Sinhala village, Ethawetunuwewa, Mullaitivu kills 16 civilians
10/08/1988 Village, Central Camp, Ampara attacked killing 11 civilians
16/08/1988 Bomb exploded in Trincomalee town kills 4 civilians and wounds many
25/08/1988 Village in Marawila, Polonnaruwa attacked with 11 civilians killed by cutting their necks
10/09/1988 Sinhala settlement at 16th Colony in Ampara attacked killing 7 civilians
10/10/1988 Village in Mahakongaskada, Medavachchiya in Vavuniya fired upon killing 44 civilians and injuring many
14/11/1988 Civil Bus at Peniketiyawa Trincomalee ambushed killing 28 civilians and injuring many
12/12/1988 Village in Sumedagama in Trincomalee attacked killing 28 civilians
17/01/1989 Village, Maharambekulam in Vavuniya attacked killing 9 civilians
02/02/1989 Village in Bogamuyaya, Ampara attacked and 11 villagers are hacked to death
11/02/1989 Sinhala village, Dutuwewa, Mullatitivu attacked killing 37 civilians and injuring many
11/02/1989 Sinhala village, Singhapura, Mullaitivu attacked killing 6 civilians and injuring many
27/02/1989 Sinhala village, Borawewa in Polonnaruwa attacked killing 8 civilians and injuring many
13/04/1989 Car bomb explosion on the CENTRAL ROAD, Trincomalee town kills 51 civilians and injures many
17/08/1989 IED explosion in NOCHCHIKULAM, Vavuniya kills 8 civilians
30/05/1990 Village, Mihindupura/Dehiwatta in Trincomalee kills 5 civilians
24/07/1990 8 Sinhala villagers hacked to death at Aralaganvila in Ampara
25/07/1990 8 Civilians hacked to death at Meeyankulam in Polonnaruwa
25/07/1990 9 Villagers hacked to death at Wan-Ela, Trincomalee
26/07/1990 19 civilians hacked to death in Thammennawa, Anuradhapura
29/07/1990 Mosque at Samanthurai, Ampara fired upon killing 5 Muslims
30/07/1990 14 Muslims at Akkaraipattu, Ampara shot and killed
31/07/1990 Villagers in Podankady/Kantale in Trincomalee attacked killing 11 civilians
03/08/1990 Kattankudy mosque massacre in Batticoloa killing 103 Muslim divotees
05/08/1990 17 civilians working in a paddy field at Mullayankadu in Ampara
06/08/1990 34 civilians working in a paddy field at Ampara killed
07/08/1990 Attack on BANDARADUWA village in Ampara kills 30 civilians
08/08/1990 A Private Coach proceeding from MORAWEWA to HOROWPATHANA attacked at Meegaswewa, Trincomalee killing 26 and injuring many
08/08/1990 Villagers in Nawagamuwa, Vavuniya attacked killing 7 civilians
11/08/1990 Muslim attacked in Divisions 03 and 06 ERAVUR, Batticoloa killing 173 civilians and injuring many
12/08/1990 Muslim civilians working in a paddy field in Veerachcholai, Ampara attacked killing 4 and wounding many
13/08/1990 06 Muslim fishermen killed in GUNGAI village in Muttur, Trincomalee
13/08/1990 A Muslim village adjoining a Sinhala village, Avaranthalava in Vavuniya attacked and 10 civilians killed
13/08/1990 Lorry travelling from NEGOMBO to KOKKUVIL at Pulmoddai, Mullaitivu ambushed killing 14 civilians
09/09/1990 Farmers travelling on a tractor at Uhana, Ampara attacked killing 7 civilians
13/09/1990 Security Forces recovered 07 mutilated bodies of Muslim villagers who were hacked to death at South of Poonani, in Ampara
19/09/1990 VELLAMUNAI Fishing village in Puttalam attacked killin 23 civilians
21/09/1990 Pudukudirippu in Ampara attacked killing 15 civilians
24/09/1990 Gajabapura village in Mullaitivu attacked 5 houses set on fire and 4 civilians killed
28/09/1990 Ethnic Muslims were chased away from Jaffna Peninsula and Mannar.
30/09/1990 9 civilians hacked to death in Mahaoya, Ampara
01/10/1990 Sinhala village, Peruwalthalawa in Ampara attacked and 9 civilians killed
02/10/1990 Village in Wahalkade in Anuradhapura attacked killing 4 civilians
11/10/1990 09 Muslims who were collecting fire woods near KIRANKOVE Jungle, Arugambe, Ampara hacked to death
23/10/1990 Chena Cultivators at Kokabe, Thanthirimalai Village in Anuradhapura attacked killing 10 civilians
25/10/1990 Village in Paranamedavachchiya, Mullaitivu attacked killing 4 civilians
27/10/1990 villages at Thanthirimalei, Anuradhapura shot upon killing 5 civilians
29/10/1990 Villages at Olikulam in Batticoloa attacked killing 3 civilians
01/11/1990 Security Force Guard Point and the Helambawewa village in Mullaitivu fired upon killin 10 civilians outside post
03/11/1990 Village in Bandarakubukwewa in Anuradhapura attacked killing 4 civilians
23/01/1991 Village and Guard Point at Bogamuyaya, Ampara attacked killing 29 civilians and injuring many
02/03/1991 Village in Kalupavel Batticoloa attacked killing 4 civilians
02/03/1991 Suicide Vehicle Bomb explosion at Havelock Road, Colombo 05 kills Hon. Min. of State for Defence Mr. RANJAN WIJERATNE. 19 civilians also die
02/03/1991 Village in Erakkandy, Trincomalee fired upon killing 5 civilians
24/03/1991 Bomb explosion at Fish Market AKKARAIPATTU, Ampara kills 9 civilians and injures many
14/04/1991 Village in 22nd Colony, Ethimalai in Ampara attacked killing 17 civilians
20/04/1991 Village in Niyandella, Okkampitiya in Ampara attacked killing 22 civilians
12/06/1991 Bomb explosion in MANMUNAI FERRY at KOKKADICHOLAI, BATTICALOA kills 10 civilians
21/06/1991 LTTE Suicide cadre explods in front of entrance of Ministry of Defence Flower Road, Colombo and kills 12 civilians and injures over 85
24/06/1991 WELIGAHAKANDIYA Village in Periyapyllumalai, Ampara attacked killing 10 civilians
06/07/1991 Muslim village in Puddur, Polonnaruwa attacked killing 16 civilians
06/07/1991 Sinhala village attacked and 10 civilians abducted and killed in Manampitiya, in Polonnaruwa
08/08/1991 08 Muslim farmers on their way home from their paddy fields were killed, West of Samanthurai in Ampara
19/09/1991 Muslim village, Palliyagodella, Medirigiriya in Polonnaruwa attacked killing 13 civilians
26/01/1992 A Land Mine blast on private bus between ARANTHALAWA and BORAPOLA in Ampara attacked killing 10 civilians and wounding many
10/04/1992 Car Bomb explods close to National Youth Council Building at MAHARAGAMA,killing 9 civilians and wounding many
10/04/1992 Car Bomb explosion at Maradana, Colombo kills 8 civilians and wounds many
10/04/1992 Bus Bomb explods while parked at AMPARA Private Bus Stand killing 28 civilians and injuring a large number
29/04/1992 ALINCHCHIPOTHA Muslim village, Karapola & Muthugala in Polonnaruwa attacked killing 130 civilians and wounding over 70
16/05/1992 Village in Kosgolla in Ampara attacked killing 5 civilians
15/07/1992 Civil Bus proceeding from KATHANKUDY towards KALMUNAI at Kirankulam, Batticoloa attacked killing 19 civilians
21/07/1992 COLOMBO/ BATTICALOA Train stopped at Prangiyamadu, Batticoloa and passengers ordered to get down and were shot at 8 civilians died
30/07/1992 Bomb explosion inside bus in Trincomalee town kills 9 civilians and wounds many
09/08/1992 Mailanthenna village attacked killing 25 civilians and wounding many
01/09/1992 Saindamadu in Ampara attacked killing 22 civilians
10/09/1992 Ferry at KILIVEDDY POINT, Trincomalee blasted killing 6 civilians and wounding several others
01/10/1992 Konwewe village in Mullaitivu attacked killing 15 civilians and injuring many
15/10/1992 Palliyagodella and Ahamedpura villages in Polonnaruwa attacked killing 146 civilians and injuring over 80
26/12/1992 Land mine explosion between 120 – 121 Km Posts at Vakaneri South on WELIKANDA – VALACHCHENAI Road kills 6 civilians traveling in jeep
19/01/1994 Bomb blast in a Bus at RAMBAWEWA in Anuradhapura kills 10 civilians
16/03/1994 10 boats gone to fish close to KUDIRAMALAI Point in Puttalam attacked and 17 civilians killed
24/10/1994 Opposition Leader/UNP Presidential Election Candidate Mr. GAMINI DISSANAYAKE and six Politicians Mr. GBM PREMACHANDRA – MP/DUNF Leader, Mr. WEERASINGHE MALLIMARACHI – MP/Former Minister of Food & Co-op, Dr. GAMINI WIJESEKARA – Gen Secretary of the UNP, Mr. CHRISTY PERERA- UNP Provincil Counseller, Western Province, Mr. OSSIE ADEYGUNASEKERA- MP CBO Dist/ SLMP Leader were assassinated, whilst they were participating in the UNP Presidential campaign meeting by a Suicide Bomber at GRANDPASS JUNCTION, COLOMBO. 54 civilians also died and over 70 civilians were injured.
11/02/1995 Village in Siyabalamduwa, Monaragala attacked killing 5 civilians
25/05/1995 Fishing village attacked and 42 civilians hacked to death in Kallarava, Trincomalee
07/08/1995 Suicide attempt using cart bomb explodes at the gate of the Western Province Chief Minister’s office killing 23 civilians and wounding over 40
09/10/1995 Bomb blast at Wellawatta, MP Mr. D. Devananda’s Residence.
20/10/1995 suicide cadres attack Oil Refinery at KOLONNAWA and Oil Installation at ORUGODAWATTA.
21/10/1995 Village in Mangalagama, Batticoloa attacked 16 civilians killed
21/10/1995 Village in Monarathenna Polonnaruwa attacke 36 civilians killed
21/10/1995 Village in North of Padaviya, Galthalawa, Mullaitivu attacked killing 19 civilians
23/10/1995 Village in Eththimalai/Kotiyagal, Monaragala attacked killing 19 civilians
25/10/1995 Village in Panama, Ampara attacked killing 8 civilians
26/10/1995 Village in Thammenna Halmillewa, Anuradhapa attacked killing 26 civilians and injuring over 25
26/10/1995 Village in ALINCHIPOTHANA village Alapathwewa, Mullativu attacked killing 26 civilians
11/11/1995 A Second Suicide Bomber who had been in the vicinity of AHQ detonated himself in close proximity to SLAVE ISLAND Railway Station.
22/02/1996 Village in MAHANIKAWEWA Kebithigollewa, Anuradhapura attacked killing 6 civilians
01/06/1996 Village of ELUVANKULAM in the PUTTALAM area attacked killing 4 civilians including children and set on fire
11/06/1996 Village in Eluvankulama, Puttalam attacked killing 14 villagers
01/07/1996 Parcel bomb explodes on a train playing to the South kills 52 civilians
24/07/1996 Bomb explosion on the ALUTHGAMA Train at DEHIWALA Station killing 59 civilian passengers and wounding over 365 civilians
01/09/1996 Passenger bus as Aranthalawa plyhing between Ampara and Kandy attacked 11 civilian passengers killed and over 30 injured
12/09/1996 SLTB Bus plying from AMPARA to KANDY. (Aranthalawa) attacked killing 11 civilians
29/01/1997 Claymore explosion in Vaddukodai, Jaffna kills 9 civilians
10/02/1997 Village in Oddaimavadi, Batticoloa fired upon killing 5 civilians
15/03/1997 Claymore mine at a CTB bus from TALAIADY to JAFFNA. (Maruthankerni kills 15 civilians
12/05/1997 An attack on the Morawewa Police Station and village by the LTTE kills 5 civilians
15/10/1997 vechile bomb explosion at car park of Galadari Hotel close to World Trade Center, Colombo kills 11 civilians
14/11/1997 KELANITISSA Power House, Orugodawatta blasted destroying 2 oil tanks
25/01/1998 Suicide attack on the Sri Dalada Maligawa (Temple of Tooth of Lord Buddha) causes extensive damage to the Temple and kills 9 civilians
27/03/1988 Bomb hidden in a gunny bag inside a CTB Bus plying from Medawachchiya to Horowpathana at Wewelketiya, Anuradhapura kills 9 civilians
01/06/1998 Vehicle bomb explodes at MARADANA in the heart of COLOMBO killing 38 civilians
05/07/1999 4 Villagers travelling in a van to Rathmalgahawella, Ampara hacked to death
16/07/1999 Mr. PIYASENA KARUNARATNE – Chief Organizer of EPDP. (THIRUNAVELI, JFN) shot dead
18/09/1999 3 Sinhala village in Galapitagala, Badirekka, Borapola attacked killing 50 civilians
22/09/1999 bomb explodes in a public transport service bus in Negombo .
22/09/1999 A bomb exploded in a private coach near the Kirmethiyawa Temple Junction.
26/09/1999 A time bomb exploded in a private coach near the 02nd Mile Post, Badulla.
17/12/1999 Two bombs explod in 02 buses of Peoplized Transport Service in Divulapitiya.
18/12/1999 Suicide attack at Presidential Election Campaign Meeting held in Town Hall, Colombo 07 to assassinate former President Mrs. CHANDRIKA BANDARANAIKE KUMARATUNGA – she lost an eye as a result. 16 civilians were killed
18/12/1999 Suicidce bomber at UNP Propaganda Meeting Ja-Ela a Suicide Bomber killing Retired Maj. Gen. C L ALGAMA including 12 civilians, 45 wounded
27/01/2000 An IED Bomb Parcel placed under Foreign Mail Box at Vavuniya post office explodes killing 13 civilians and injuring over 50
30/01/2000 Bomb explodes in Peoples’ Transport Services bus MORATUWA Depot at DUTUGEMUNU Junction in POLGAHAWELA killing 13 civilians
30/01/2000 A bomb explosion in a train. (GALOYA)
03/02/2000 A time bomb explodes in private bus at WANDURAGALA whilst transporting civilians from KURUNEGALA to POLAGAHAWELA.
07/02/2000 Bomb explosion on Peoplelized Transport bus while it was parked at the Bus Stand. (Bibile)
08/02/2000 Bomb explosion in bus travelling from COLOMBO to NEGOMBO near KARUNARATHNE Maha Vidyalaya. (WATTALA)
08/02/2000 Bomb explosion on Peoplelized Transport Services Bus at the Central Bus Stand. (Pettah)
30/03/2000 AN-26 Aircraft belongs to Antenovo UR Company which was carrying passengers from PALALY to ANURADHAPURA (SHRAVASTHIPURA) had crashed THALAVA area. All passengers and crew members were killed. (Feb or Mar)
07/04/2000 4 civilians died after an attack on their village help from Aralaganwila police left 11 police dead
11/04/2000 Gomarankadawala police post attacked 1 civilian killed
12/04/2000 Musical show attacked in Trincomalee Fort Federick killing 10 civilians injuring over 60
07/06/2000 Suicide bomber kills Hon. Min. of Industrial Development Mr. C V GOONARATNE and wife with 24 other civilians in RATMALANA
14/06/2000 Suicide bomber explodes himself at Wattala junction killing 2 civilians
23/11/2000 Motors fired towards Muttur jetty and Almahar Maha School killing 2 students and injuring 11 civilians
07/12/2000 KURULUBEDDA Village and killed 5 villagers. (Welikanda)
12/08/2001 Firing at KOVIL FESTIVAL in ERAVUR Batticoloa kills 2 civilians and injures many
17/10/2001 Attack on RUWANPITIYA village kills 2 civilians.
18/11/2001 Claymore explosion at SRIPURA RAJA MAHA VIHARAYA kills 3 Buddhist monks including the chief incumbent of the Vihara and driver
01/12/2001 Bomb explosion at an EPDP Office in Batticoloa Town injures 23 civilians and a member of the EPDP.
23/11/2003 One Muslim killed and 2 others injured from hand grenade attack at KANDALADIUTTU.
24/11/2003 Two Muslims killed and 2 others injured due to hand grenade attack on a lorry at KATTAKUDICHCHI.
24/11/2003 3 Cadjan huts set fire and hand grenade thrown to the refugee camp at FAIZAL NAGAR KINNIYA.
25/11/2003 6 Civilians including 04 Muslims injured due to a hand grenade attack near the mosque at SALAIADI TRINCOMALEE Town.
28/11/2003 3 Muslims farmers of EDMAN NAGAR, KINNIYA killed cutting with sharp weapons whilst they were staying in the night in their paddy fields in CHINA- BAY
30/11/2003 A Muslim person in working in KASMIR HOTEL TRINCOMALEE assaulted at the SHIVAN KOVIL, Trincomalee and admitted to hospital with head injuries
01/12/2003 A Muslim civilian of Colony No 5 KAKAMUNAI SOORANGAL shot and injured at KINNIYA.
27/05/2006 7 civilians going to Wilpattu national park killed by land mine in Nochchiyagama
29/05/2006 12 Sinhalese civilians working at Irrigation cannel shot and killing at OMADIYAMADU, VLK.
17/06/2006 Pesali naval boat patrol attacked killing 5 civilians and injuring over 30 civilians – naval personnel also killed
26/06/2006 Suicide attack on Maj. Gen. Parami Kulatunga leaves 1 civilian dead and 4 civilians injured in Pannipitiya
06/08/2006 Killing of 17 Aid Workers, attached to ACTION AGAINST HUNGER, an NGO Working at (FAIM) MUTTUR.
08/08/2006 Bomb blast at Dickman’s Rd, Bambalapitiya kills 1 civilian and injures 8
18/09/2006 10 Muslim civilians killed while engaging in construction works at Radella, Pothuvil
18/11/2006 Remote controlled claymore targeting army truck kills 4 civilians and injures over 11 others in Thandikulam
05/01/2007 Time bomb explodes in private bus plying between NITTAMBUWA to GIRIULLA killing 5 civilians and injuring over 54
06/01/2007 Explosion inside Matara bound bus plying from Colombo to Seenigama kills 12 passengers and injures over 29
08/01/2007 CEB Power Supply Sub-Station at Maradana Road, HANDALA, WATTALA was blasted.
27/01/2007 LTTE Sea Tiger Abortive attack on COLOMBO Harbour.
09/03/2007 4 wild life officials killed inside Wilpattu wild life sanctuary
02/04/2007 Bus plying from AMPARA to BADULLA via BIBILE blown at Kondavattuvan, Ampara killing 14 civilians and several army personnel
05/04/2007 4 farmers killed in Nidanvala, BATTICALOA.
12/04/2007 PALEURUWA Village fired upon killing 7 civilians
13/04/2007 TMVP members attacked leaving 2 civilians dead
23/04/2007 Claymore mine targets civil bus plying from MANNAR to VAVUNIYA CHEDDIKULAM killing 3 civilians and injuring over 30
13/05/2007 A Buddhist Monk of PABBATHARAMAYA, Phase I, MAHADIVULWEWA was shot dead
02/06/2007 2 Tamil workers of SRI LANKA Red Cross from the East abducted and killed
12/06/2007 Bomb set off at Uraniyawatta in ORUGODAWATTA
27/09/2007 Claymore mine targeting police jeep of CHUNNAKAM Police Station kills 2 civilians and injures over 9
28/11/2007 Suicide bomber explodes herself at Minister Douglas Devananda’s office in Colombo 5 killing a civilian (Stephen Peiris)
28/11/2007 Parcel Bomb explosion at NUGEGODA JUNCTION in front of NOLIMIT Building kills 20 civilians and injures over 30
05/12/2007 Claymore mine targeting bus with civilians explodes in Kebethigollewa killing 14 civilians and injuring scores of others
02/01/2008 Claymoroe mine explodes near Nippon Hotel, Slave Island, Colombo kills 3 civilians and several service personnel
08/01/2008 Claymore explosion kills Minister of Nation Building, Non-Cabinet Minister D M DASANAYAKE, MP for ANAMADUWA in JA-ELA injuirng 14 civilians
11/01/2008 A small scale bomb explodes at the FORT Railway Station, near the 06th Flatform Staircase. The explosion caused minor injuries to one Muslim Civilian.
16/01/2008 Claymore mine on CTB bus plying from OKKAMPITIYA to BUTTALA in 03rd Mile Post, WELIARA kills 27 civilians and injures over 60
16/01/2008 Attack on Chena cultivators in NIYANDAGALA YAYA, WARALANDA. (MONARAGALA) kills 6 civilians
17/01/2008 Troops find 8 civilian bodies / 2 home guards in THIBOLKETIYA, MONARAGALA.
31/01/2008 Suicide attack in Thirunelvely Jaffna kills 4 civilians and injures 15
02/02/2008 Bus plying from KANDY to ANURADHAPURA blown up in DAMBULLA Bus Stand killing 20 civilians and injuring over 60
03/02/2008 Suicide cadre blows herself at Fort Railway station killing 15 civilians including 7 students and injuring over 85
03/02/2008 Improvised Explosive Device explosion inside National Zoological Gardens, DEHIWALA .
04/02/2008 Claymore explosion hits bus plying from PARAKRAMAPURA to JANAKAPURA kills 8 civilians and military personnel
18/02/2008 A Priest of the WMP Church killed in AMPARA . His wife and the child were also injured.
23/02/2008 Improvise Explosive Device explodes inside bus plying from MORATUWA To COLOMBO in MOUNT LAVINIA killing 18 civilians
10/03/2008 Remote Control Device (IED) explodes near the Roxy Cinema in WELLAWATTA killing 1 civilian and injuring 6 including children
06/04/2008 Suicide attack kills Hon. Min. JEYARAJ FERNANDOPULLE, Minister of Highways and Road Development, the Chief Government Whip and Treasurer of SLFP, Chief Guest attending road marathon in Gampaha 9 civilians including children die
25/04/2008 Remote Control Device explodes in crowded CTB Bus plying between PILIYANDALA and KAHAPOLA at Piliyandala Town killing 27 civilians including a Buddhist priest
26/05/2008 Bomb blask inside Panadura bound train at Dehiwela railway station kills 9 and injures over 50
29/05/2008 Raid on Naval Detachment in CHIRUTIVU ISLAND, a small islet located in the JAFFNA LAGOON kills 5 civilians and injures over 12 while also killing military personnel
30/05/2008 LTTE attacked a House in a village in YAYA 18, MASVADIYA. Home Gaurds deployed in nearby bunkers had rushed to the scene and confronted with the terrorists. 01 x Home Guard and 02 x Civilians were killed and 02 x Civilians were injured due to the incidnet.
31/05/2008 A Hand Grenade was exploded inside a Bus Halt at WELLAWATTA. Due to the incident 02 x Civilians were killed and 08 x Civilians were wounded.
04/06/2008 Remote Controlled Bomb took place in WELLAWATTA Railway Track targeting a Train plying from PANADURA to COLOMBO kills 24 civilians
06/06/2008 Bomb blast in Moratuwa near the SHAILABIMBARAMA TEMPLE kills 25 civilians and injures over 90
06/06/2008 Bomb blast on bus from MATALE to KANDY via WATTEGAMA near the POLGOLLA Open University kills 2 civilians and injures over 7
10/06/2008 Suicide blast at UNP meeting kills UNP Chief Ministerial candidate Maj. Gen. Janaka Perera, his wife and 27 civilians injuring over 80
16/06/2008 Suicide bomber explodes herself near police gate in Vavuniya Town and kills 1 civilian and 12 police personnel
05/08/2008 Explosiong close to Clock Tower of AMPARA Town kills 12 civilians and injures ove 35
30/08/2008 Bomb explodes at 04th Cross Street, PETTAH kills 1 soldier and injures over 47 civilians
08/09/2008 10 x Civilians injured due to a bomb explosion near Mohamadia Hotel at Gas Works Junction in PETTAH.
09/10/2008 Suicide bomber targets Hon. Minister MITHRIPALA SIRISENA, Minister of Agricultural Development and Agrarian Service Development and General Secretary of SLFP at PIRIVENA JUNCTION, BORALESGAMUWA. The Minister escaped but 2 civilians die
07/11/2008 civilian bus travelling from BUTTALA to KATHARAGAMA thrown hand grenade killing 4 civilians
09/11/2008 Monaragala village attacked killing 7 civilians
28/10/2008 Two LTTE Air attacks drops 3 bombs in Thallady / 2 bombs on Kelanitissa power station – 1 civilian dies
16/11/2008 Dr PALITHA PADMAKUMARA, at THAVAKKADU hospital was shot dead at VAVUNATIVU, Batticoloa
28/12/2008 Suicide bomber in Wattala kills 1 civilian
02/01/2009 Suicide attack in Slave Islan near air force head quarters 14 civilians injured
18/01/2009 2 civilians attending to cattle killed in Monaragala / 4 missing
09/02/2009 Suicide bomber explodes outside IDP center in Puliyampokkanal killing 9 civilians and injuring over 40 (military personnel also killed)
10/02/2009 Firing on IDPs coming towards Security Forces – 19 IDPs killed and over 75 injured
12/02/2009 Hand grenade thrown at bus traveling from Puliyankulam kills 1 Tamil civilian
21/02/2009 Karametiya village at RathmalgahaElla in Iginiyagala attacked killing 16 civilians
20/04/2009 3 suicide attacks on IDPs fleeing from LTTE in Pudumathalan kills 17 IDPs and injures over 200
25/04/2009 5 civilians killed in Okanda
02/09/2009 10 civilians killed and over 60 jured at IDP camp in Sugandhipuram

Just in case there are some who are under the impression that LTTE was the sole representative of the Tamils as the TNA said, some of these killings would put that notion to rest.

07/06/2000 Mr. KANAPATHIPILLAI NAVARATNE RAJAH – TELO, Member of Pradeshya Sabha, Arapathi, Batticaloa killed by LTTE.
25/05/2000 Intelligence Leader of PLOTE Mr. KANDAPPA JEYARAJA WILSON and another member VIJERAMU JERATNAM PANNAI were killed in a bomb explosion whilst travelling on a Motor Cycle in VNA.
19/10/2000 British Broadcasting Correspondent Mr. NIMALARAJAN MYLVAGANAM killed by unknown by a person at his residence in JAFFNA.
08/11/2000 Mr. ASHLY NIMALANAYAGAM SAUNDRANAYAGAM, a TULF member elected to Parliament from BATTICALOA District was gunned down while he was travelling to BATTICALOA town to VALAICHCHENAI.
08/08/2001 K Sugu Manager of CWE shop in Mannar killed by unidentified gunmen
17/11/2001 Killed Mr. SINNATHAMBY RAJKUMAR – UNP Candidate for Batticaloa District – General Election 2001. (BCO)
23/07/2004 EPDP took the coffin of EPDP PS hairman V RAVINDRANwho had been killed by the LTTE and placed it opposite the Norwegian Embassy in CBO.
03/01/2006 A priest named SELLATHAMBY VINAGARATHNAM at Santhively Kanagianman Temple, Eravur was shot dead by LTTE cadres.
12/08/2006 The Deputy Director General of Secretariat Co-ordinating for Peace Process Mr. KETHESH LOGANADAN was shot dead by the LTTE Pistol Group while he was at his residence at # 1/B, Vandam Place, Windsor Avenue, Dehiwala.
07/02/2007 The Chief Priest of Santhiveli Pulleyar Kovil Sellaiah Parameshvaran Kurukkal who blessed HE the President MR during his visit to Vakarai killed
26/09/2007 A Catholic Priest, Rev. Fr. NICHOLASPILLAI PAKKYARANJITH, the MANNAR District Co-ordinator Jesuit Refugee Services (JRS) was killed in a Claymore attack in uncleared area in MANNAR.
06/03/2008 JAFFNA District Tamil National Alliance Parliamentarian K SIVANESAN and his Driver was killed due to Claymore attack on 06/03/2008.
13/05/2008 MAHESHVARI VELAUTHAM, Legal Adviser of Hon. Min. DOUGLAS DEVANANDA (55 years old) of Anapathi, Karanavai East, Karaveddy killed at home
20/04/2008 Rev. Fr. M X KARUNARATNAM @ KILI FATHER, Chairman of the North East Secretariat on Human Rights (NESOHR) killed in WANNI.
27/11/2008 The Priest of SEVAMUTTU MARIAMMAN KOVIL was shot dead by an unidentified gunman in MAMANAGAMA, BATTICALOA.

Similarly, the scores of Muslims attacked and chased away by the LTTE were many as was the number of Muslim leaders gunned down inspite of that the present Justice Minister and Muslim Congress leader wined and dined with Prabakaran with the Eelam flag hovering in the Wanni.

13/11/1987 Mr. ABDUL MAJEED – MP for MUTHUR was shot dead at MTR, TCO.
20/07/1997 Mr. MEH MAHAROOF – UNP MP for TRINCOMALEE. (06th Mile Post, Nilaveli, TCO) killed by LTTE.
16/09/2000 A MI 17 helicopter was air borne transporting Hon. Min. of Ports Development, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Mr. M H M ASHRAFF with party members crashes killing all crew and passengers.
02/10/2000 Suicide bomber riding bicycle kills Mr. MOHAMAD LATIFF BAITHULLAH, (A Sri Lanka Muslim Congress member) in Muttur kills 27 civilians
02/10/2000 Vehicle convoy of Dy Min. of Post and Telecommunication Mr. M L A M HISBULLAH going to KALAWANCHIKUDY attacked

We would like to know from Ms. Pillay her comments about the deaths of thousands of civilians outside of combat zones and even during the UN backed ceasefires.

We think it is time these civilians and their families were given justice.