New health guidelines issued

Ministry of Health Sri Lanka

The Director-General of Health Services has relaxed the restrictions that were in force for several more sectors effective from today (July 16).

Dr. Asela Gunawardena noted that the level of permitted functions can be subjected to amendment depending on the epidemiological situation.

He appealed to the members of the public to strictly comply with the guidelines issued for permitted levels of functions.

Accordingly, the holding of indoor musical shows was permitted with a seating capacity of 50 per cent of the hall.

No permission was granted to hold outdoor musical shows and carnivals.

Accommodation and boarding houses were permitted to operate according to the health guidelines.

Children’s parks are permitted to open under the health guidelines.

Adventure sites or camping sites were permitted to open according to health guidelines.

25 percent of people can enter the zoological gardens at a given time.

All religious places, including Buddhist temples, Christian churches, Mosques and Kovils, were permitted to open and separate health guidelines were issued for them.