New lifts for parliament are not necessary : Wimal Weerawansa

Ranjan Ramanayake

Several MPs expressed their opinions in the political arena about the controversial statement made by the state Minister Ranjan Ramanayake.

Gayantha Karunathilaka, Minister of Lands and Parliamentary Reforms noted that he was not worried about the allegation as he has been a teetotaler all his life.

Krishantha Pushpakumara, Southern Provincial Councillor noted that this was a strategy imposed by Ranil Wickremesinghe to keep the public distracted from the important matters.

Rishad Bathiudeen, Minister of Industry & Commerce noted that all the questions should be posed to the minister himself who made these serious allegations. He also added that the public should wait until the committee appointed by the Prime Minister investigates the incident.

UPFA MP, Wimal Weerawansa noted that from time to time the government stirs a commotion to drive the public from the important matters which are more pressing.

He noted that the newly operational American Institute called Millennium Challenge Corporation at Temple Trees is a threat to Sri Lanka. He stressed that the head of this organization is the secretary of the US state department and their objective is to change Sri Lankan land laws by implementing a new act called land bank act.

He stressed that through this act, all government lands will be recorded. It will be easy for foreign investors to select the land they prefer following the approval from the respective ministry.

He also commented on how swiftly the proposal to implement new lifts at the parliamentary complex took place. He added that it was not necessary to install new elevators as the current elevators would work with proper maintenance. Yet, new elevators are to be introduced anyway as it would come with a handsome commission.

(Source: News 1st)