New Year Message of Sri Lanka President and Prime Minister

Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena

The evolution of human civilisation has taken place from era to era enriching the people as cultured entities. The unique cultural events celebrated by various people around the world indicate the affinity and utmost dedication towards their traditional heritages, President Maithripala Sirisena said in his New Year message.

“The Sinhala and Tamil New Year showcases the traditional riches of the Eastern people.‘Aluth Avurudda’ is indeed an introduction of a new human with a new vision and a new attitude to the society. By conforming a study of oneself during the transitional time of the inauspicious period, this advanced person performs New Year rituals, enters the society as a close relative carrying the message of peaceful co-existence and social reconciliation,”the President said.

“The New Year binds with the traditional customs which blooms inter relations and family relationships and showers the human thoughts with refreshing fragrance which flows to the future with our deep understanding and respect we have for the traditions of the New Year.

“By deeply studying this glorious cultural event, which harvests progressive values and ethics to the whole society and celebrating it, we can surely collect a bountiful harvest of peace and prosperity.

“Another invaluable aspect of New Year celebrations is that they depict the lively bond which the humans share historically with the nature and how this occasion is utilised to express gratitude to the nature, thus exhibiting the great virtues of our ancestors that carried forth for generations.

“Sharing such great values with everybody, I wish all the Sri Lankans who are living in the country and outside, a Sinhala and Tamil New Year filled with peace and prosperity, the President said in his New Year message.

The dawn of Spring nourishes human spirit

Ranil Wickremasinghe

The dawn of spring brings the flourish of nature and nourishes the human spirit as we meditate on the ideas of cooperation, forgiveness and empathy for all life, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said in his New Year message.

“Sinhala and Tamil New Year is the foremost national festivity celebrated across the country in the splendour of spring. It provides the ideal setting to deepen relationships with each other and share our rich cultural heritage”.

“This New Year we will celebrate with our traditional customs to convey their importance to the next generation. This will ensure future generations are proud of our traditions and our nation”.

“I wish all Sri Lankans a joyful Sinhala and Tamil New Year that inspires our commitment in achieving sustained peace and prosperity”, the Prime Minister said.