Opposition Leader’s message for Sinhala and Hindu New Year

R. Sampanthan

My heartiest wishes to the Tamil and Sinhala people of this country on this special day of Sinhala and Tamil New Year.

Lasting peace and harmony is inevitable for a country to make progress in development and other areas of concern. My prayer is that in this New Year we will be able to overcome all the obstacles and challenges in framing a new Constitution which paves the way to achieve a lasting solution to the national question and gives the rights to the people to live with dignity, self-respect and self-esteem.

I appeal to all people, as we celebrate this New Year together, let us also work together in order to bring true peace, better understanding, ethnic harmony and genuine reconciliation among our people.

May this New Year bring new hope to all of us, especially my prayers are for those who are less fortunate and have been suffering may their longstanding sufferings come to an end in this New Year.

Happy New Year

R. Sampanthan
Leader of the Opposition
Parliament of Sri Lanka