Next Election under a New Electoral System

Rajitha Senaratne

Speaking at the Cabinet media briefing today, Cabinet Media Spokesperson Minister Rajitha Senaratne elaborated on a new electoral system. The Minister added that a decision was arrived at following discussions between the President, Attorney General, Elections Commissioner and relevant factions, to introduce a new electoral system.

The president had noted that the next election will be held under the new electoral system, Minister added.He pointed out that the people have given a mandate to the new government to change the shortcomings in the constitution and introduce progressive reforms.

Therefore, the public wants to see elections being held under a new electoral system. If the current 100 days is not enough to make the proposed reforms, the Government will take more time. The issue is not with the time, but the promised change has to be done as soon as possible, Minister added.

He further stressed that the pledges given in the 100-day programme too has to be fulfilled before going for a General Election.

(Government News Portal)