No hesitation to take decisions based on indigenous programme – President’s Independence Day Message

64th independence day Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa

Our nation is fortunate to celebrate the 64th Independence Day with a genuine sense of dignity about freedom.

Today the national flag flutters pointing to a new country in the making.  The way is open for an independent economy.  It daily reinforces the nation’s aspiration for a prosperous future.  It has given us freedom to decide upon issues concerning the country and the nation without bowing down before external powers.  I strongly believe that is the immense responsibility he nation entrusted to us.  It is a great pleasure to see the steady consolidation of supreme independence.

The country’s achievements would be secured when opportunities for peace, co-existence as well as harmonious living are widened.  Sacrifices made so far to reach that objective have to be secured in future too.  We would o longer hesitate to take decisions towards fostering national unity through an indigenous programme of action.  We overcame diverse challenges the country faced with extreme patience.  We have built productive economic, political, defence, trade and cultural links with the international community through friendly contacts.  We must preserve all this by working more rationally, intelligently and patriotically than even before.

Similarly the country should be brought forward developing its value systems.  It is only then that a prosperous life would emerge in a peaceful environment.

The nation’s respect and felicitations should go to all patriots who paid the supreme sacrifice, laying down their lives to overcome the nation’s challenges for the sake of supreme independence.

I wish to a bright future!


Source: Government News Portal