No permission to sell alcohol online

Department of excise of Sri Lanka

Commissioner General of Excise MJ Gunasiri says consent has not been granted to sell alcohol online.

Addressing a media briefing at the Government Information Department, Commissioner General of the Excise Department M J Gunasiri said many individuals, stores and supermarkets had requested permits to sell of alcohol online due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions.

He added inquiries will be made pertaining to the background of such requests while the suggestion of selling alcohol online will be discussed.

He further said many cases of alcohol being sold illegally have been reported during travel restrictions.

Gunasiri claimed majority of goods are sold online worldwide, adding however the sale of alcohol should be regulated. He noted the matter of amending the Excise Act should be considered if such a decision is tabled.

MJ Gunasiri claimed the Ministry of Finance will be requested to consider the request of selling alcohol online, adding permission had not been granted yet. He stressed a loss of Rs.600 million in Excise Duty is incurred daily due the coronavirus pandemic.

The Commissioner General noted distilling illicit liquor is on the rise owing to the COVID-19 situation, while the prices of such alcohol have increased.

He highlighted around 600 excise officers in 56 excise centres island wide and four operation units of the Excise Department have been deployed to identify individuals engaging in illegal activities related to alcohol distilling.

Gunasiri claimed many such cases were identified during the past two weeks.

(Source: News Radio)