No term tests for primary sections of schools starting in March – Minister

Susil Premajayantha

Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Education has decided not to have term tests for primary sections of schools which are scheduled to start their school year in March.

This was stated by the Education Minister Susil Premajayantha at an event held in Colombo yesterday (December 21).

“Those students will be given module exercises from lesson to lesson, and the score records will be collected until the end of the academic year. Later, the evaluation and assessment process will be implemented based on the collected module records and the year end exam,” the Minister said.

Necessary changes will be made to the education system, and programs will be prepared to provide more training and study opportunities to the children who will leave the school, including university entrance or technical college programs based on their talent and willingness.

The Minister went on to say that it had been decided to resume school activities by next December, while reducing holidays to cover school education activities.