Number of National Schools to be increased to 1,000

President's media division

A decision was taken to increase the number of National Schools to 1,000 and to provide equal facilities to all schools, the President’s Media Division said.

In a statement, it said several decisions pertaining to the welfare of the public and the progress of the society were taken during a meeting between President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and all State Ministers held at the Presidential Secretariat yesterday.

Increasing the number of National Schools to 1,000 in the country is one such decision.

“There are no adequate facilities available for some of the National Schools. These schools will also be developed expeditiously,” it said.

The President and the State Ministers decided to appoint District Educational Committees for the development of school network. It was also decided to strengthen the liaison between zonal offices and divisional offices.

The opportunity to contribute to any activity that will ensure the progress of the school system except transfer of teachers and admission of students is available for politicians. However, the President pointed out, it is only for the benefit of society and not for political interference.

Attention was drawn during the meeting to appoint Acting Principals to fill existing vacancies in Principal Grades. Teaching exams should be held once a year according to the Teacher Service regulations.

The main reason for vacancies in Principal posts is due to the failure to conduct these examinations in a methodical manner. It was also decided to explore the possibility of appointing competent and experienced teachers in schools as Acting Principals.

(Source: Daily Mirror)