One dead after Police shot a group of protesters in Rambukkana

Gun shooting

The Police have fired tear gas to disperse protestors who are blocking the Rambukkana Railway Crossing for over 15 hours.

The protestors are on the road after fuel prices were hiked late last night.

Sources from the Kegalle Hospital say that one person has died as a result of a shooting using live ammunition by Police.

12 injured persons have been admitted to the Kegalle Hospital and it is reported that the condition of four of them is critical.

Another person who was injured in the incident has been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Kegalle Hospital.

Meanwhile our correspondent stated that a heated situation has already arisen between the protesters and the police in Rambukkana.

He added that gunfire was heard continuously.

Multiple protests are taking place against the fuel price hike and the shortage of fuel across many areas in Sri Lanka today (April 19).

Protests are currently taking place in Rambukkana, Hingurakgoda, Baddegama, Digana, Gampola, Ratnapura, and Theldeniya.

Furthermore, people have obstructed the railroad from Rambukkana, prompting delay in train services along the road, in addition to many shops and businesses in the Rambukkana Town being closed down in support of these protests.