One person killed in police shooting in Mawanella

Police line do not cross - Crime

A 53-year-old person was shot dead after police opened fire while attempting to resolve a dispute among a group of individuals at Padiyadora in Mawanella last night (April 06).

Two policemen have also been injured during the clash, according to police.

According to police, the Mawanella Police had received a telephone call last night (April 6) regarding a dispute in Padiyadora and dispatched police officers to investigate the situation.

During the investigation, one person involved in the dispute allegedly attacked one of the policemen with a sharp object, prompting another police officer to fire into the air as a warning.

However, when the assailant continued to pose a threat by attempting to attack the officer, the officer fired again, resulting in the fatal injury of the suspect’s father, who was involved in the altercation.

The 53-year-old deceased person, a resident of the area, succumbed to injuries after being rushed to Mawanella Hospital.

Meanwhile, the two injured police officers are currently receiving treatment at the same hospital.

The suspect who carried out the attack has reportedly fled the area while Mawanella Police have launched a special operation to track down and apprehend him.