Online Portal to obtain COVID-19 Smart Vaccine Certificate

Ministry of Health Sri Lanka

Citizens who plan to travel overseas can now apply online for their COVID-19 smart vaccination certificate, Health Ministry, Director – Health Information, Consultant Dr. Palitha Karunapema said.

Speaking to the media yesterday at the Health Promotion Bureau, Dr. Karunapema said that the issuance of a digital vaccination certificate was started one month ago via MOH offices and relevant institutions. But considering the difficulties faced by the public, the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) has launched an online service to issue Smart Vaccine Certificates.

The online service is currently open only for those who plan to travel overseas. This service launched two days back and since then more than 1,000 applications have been received. The certificates will be sent via email within seven days since some time is required to check the accuracy of information provided by the applicant.

The public can visit the online portal to obtain a soft copy of the vaccine certificate. After accessing the online portal, one needs to enter requested details such as the National Identity Card (NIC) number, passport number, vaccination card details, proof of travel, and some other personal data.

Upon successfully entering the requested particulars and approval, the user will be given a link to generate a soft copy (PDF version) of the vaccine certificate. In addition, a printout of the certificate can be presented to the relevant authorities here and abroad when needed.

The initiative will avoid the inconvenience of physically visiting the nearest MOH office to collect hard copies of the vaccine certificate.

The smart vaccination certificate is a globally recognized system created by the Institute of Information and Communication Technology of Sri Lanka.

(Source: Daily News – By Ishara Mudugamuwa)