Our greatest asset is intelligent people – Gotabaya

Gotabaya Rajapaksa

All countries in Asia are now at a developed stage and this is due to the use of technology and intelligence, according to the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) Presidential Candidate, Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Pointing out that Sri Lanka doesn’t have a large industrial system, the former Defense Secretary stated that Despite the lack of resources, the greatest asset the country has is its intelligent people.

Rajapaksa mentioned this at a public rally held in Hingurakgoda, yesterday (27).

He states that intelligent people in the country can easily be trained for careers of technology and intelligence.

He said: “Information technology, digital technology, computer technology. Many think these careers are only for people who studied science and gained a degree. This is a misconception.

Once I met a youth, who I received a consultation on social media. It seemed to me that this youth was well versed in his subject. I asked him what university he graduated from. He told me he studied at Ananda College and failed A/Ls. But he hadn’t given up. He told me that anyone can get a great job under IT and digital technology if they work hard.

He is the owner of a company that brings a large sum of foreign revenue to the country. He consults companies in countries such as the United States and Australia. He is only 24 years old.

I asked him what is his advice for other youngsters in the country was and what a government can do to bring the youth in the country to the same level. He said two things; one, give them a good education on the English language and two, give a better internet connection.

India trains its youth in technology. This is a great opportunity; we should not let it slip away.

We can do this if we have a clear vision. We have shown this clearly in our manifesto.”

(Source: Ada Derana)