Over 14,000 houses will be built, 100,000 km roads will be vested in next six months – Namal

Namal Rajapaksa

On the directives of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse, 14, 000 houses will be built within the next six months and 100, 000 kilometers of roads will be vested to the public, MP Namal Rajapakse said.

“Even though Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa spent millions within the last four years, he has built only around 4,000 houses “ MP Namal Rajapaksa said at a public rally held in Viyaluwa, Megahakiula to make the public aware of the government’s future move on last Saturday (1).

He also said that President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa will take swift measure to bring the culprits in front of the law who are responsible of the Easter Sunday terror attacks. “During the last tenure, the government was divided into two parts. We lost so many lives in the Easter Sunday terror attacks, but no one from the previous government takes the responsibility. Not even anybody from the UNP or from former President Maithripala Sirisena’s side took the blame,” the MP said.

He complimented the measures taken by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa to repatriate Sri Lankan students who were in China. “It was a political decision to repatriate those students who were in the epicenter of Coronavirus outbreak. If this situation aroused during the previous tenure, we could not expect strong and direct political decisions. We are always bound to protect civilians,” Namal said.

He added that due to the combination of the President and the Prime Minister, youth will have a secured future. MP Namal Rajapaksa also expressed that the public is feeling energetic with the new government and now only the people are moving forward as a country. “The reasons to increase the price of essential goods were that development activities had not taken place during the last tenure. For four and half years cultivating was hindered, Farmers are now enthusiastic and have started cultivating again. Therefore, with the increase of cultivation, within few months the price of essential goods will be reduced,” the MP said.

He said that Sajith Premadasa’s ministry owes Rs. 30 billion for several companies. “The previous government laid foundation stones telling that roads will be completed, bridges will be constructed. All their works are halfway done. The previous government published advertisements in every media to show the projects handled by them. But in total, they owe Rs. 250 Billion to several companies. They did not at least take steps to include it in the interim budget. Therefore, we need to have a strong parliament omitting personalities like Rishad Bathuideen and Hakeem.”

He requested the public to support the SLPP to have a 2/ 3 majority in parliament in the upcoming general election.

(Source: Daily News – By N Nawarathna and Dinuli Francisco)