Over 60,000 police officers, 8,000 CDF deployed to Presidential elections

Sri Lanka police on election duty

Sri Lanka Police will deploy 60,175 police officers and Civil Defense Force will deploy 8080 security officers to ensure security for the presidential elections on Saturday, 16th November. A total of 25,712 police officers, at two officers each will be deployed for 12,856 polling booths across the country. Each polling booth will have either two male officers or one female and one male officer.

In addition, 3,043 police mobile units will be deployed covering all polling stations islandwide. Each unit will consist of one Inspector Grade Officer (Sub-Inspector or Inspector), one Sergeant or Police Constable and two Civil Defense Officers. Accordingly, 6,086 police officers and an equal number of Civil Defense Officers will be deployed on police mobile units islandwide.

According to the election officials there are 43 vote counting centers island wide and 2,193 police officers will be deployed for the centers.A senior state announcer (senior superintendent or superintendent of police) is in charge of each counting center. In addition, five inspector grade officers (inspector/sub inspector), five police sergeants and 40 police constables will be on duty at each counting center.

A total of 54 full riot squads, each consisting of one Inspector / Sub Inspector, one Police Sergeant and 08 Police Constables, 99 semi riot squads, each comprising one Inspector / Sub Inspector, one Police Sergeant and 05 Police Constables have been established. Accordingly, a total of 1,233 officers will be deployed for 153 riot squads.

There are 137 permanent roadblocks, each manned by one Inspector / Sub Inspector, one Police Sergeant and 02 Police Constables. In addition, 190 roadblocks have been established for the Presidential election, each with 1 Inspector / Sub Inspector, 1 Police Sergeant, 4 Police Constables and 1 Civil Defense officer. Accordingly, a total of 1,688 police officers and 190 civil defense personnel are deployed for all roadblocks island wide.

In addition, a number of duties such as officers’ welfare duties, 119 duties, court duties, traffic duties, VIP security duties, police station security duties, and election complaints investigations are also carried out during the presidential election.

A total of 60175 Police Officers and 8,080 Civil Defense Officers will be deployed for above and other duties related to the Presidential Election.

Also, police Special Task Force (STF) personnel will be deployed for certain identified duties and in mobile patrol duties in those areas. STF officers in conjunction with mobile units of police officers will be deployed in identified areas and in addition to the police officers at counting centers. Several riot squads are also to be manned by the STF.

(Government News Portal)