Overturn Cremation Policy: Justice Minister to Government

Mohamed Ali Sabry

Minister of Justice Ali Sabry says another request has been made from experts to re-evaluate the decision that mandates anyone who dies of COVID-19 in Sri Lanka must be cremated.

Speaking to media in Matara today, Minister Sabry said since the disposal of bodies is a sensitive matter; it should be resolved without causing injustice to any community.

Minister Sabry stressed around 190 countries have allowed both cremation and burial of COVID-19 victims adding therefore that a request has been made from medical experts as to whether burial will be allowed, just as it is in other nations as well.

The Minister of Justice said if any one community believes that they are being treated unfairly, the matter would be detrimental to the government’s goal to unite all citizens in Sri Lankan.

He stressed that the Muslim community is not acting in an arrogant manner but only seeking to practice its religious beliefs.

Minister Sabry also noted that the incumbent government is focused on building bridges instead of walls.

(Source: News Radio)