Police recover stolen ancient Buddha statue


An ancient Buddha statue that had been stolen from the Bibile Rajamaha Viharaya and concealed in a muddy area near a canal in Uduwela, had been unearthed by a special police team.

Police said the statue was found near the residence of a relative of the main suspect who had allegedly committed the robbery.

Police have arrested three men over the theft of the statue, including the main suspect and a man who had allegedly helped in transporting the same.

Police are on the lookout for four additional suspects including an Army deserter, said to be involved in the robbery. Police said a portion of the right arm of the statue had been removed and was found in Wadduwa on Friday.

A suspect had allegedly handed the part to a resident in Wadduwa in order to identify whether the statue is gold. Investigations are continuing.

(Courtesy: Ceylon Today)