Police & security forces can use force if needed – Defence Secretary

Kamal Gunaratne - Defence Secretary of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s Secretary of Defence Kamal Gunaratne says the Police and the security forces are vested with powers to use necessary force against those endangering or harming the public by engaging in anti-social activity that also causes damage to property.

The Defence Secretary said the law will be strictly enforced against individuals disrupting public life and causing damage to public or private property.

In a video statement released yesterday evening (July 08), Gunaratne urged all citizens to act with patience during these trying times and refrain from engaging in any unlawful acts.

“The Sri Lanka Police and the three Armed forces have been empowered to take action against anyone engaging in any form of violent act. We requested the public to render their support to the security forces who are always committed to protecting the motherland and the people,” Gunaratne said.

The Defence Secretary’s statement comes on the eve of islandwide protests scheduled to be held against the President and government.