Police Sergeant dies in Jaffna shooting

Gun shooting

A Police Sergeant attached to the security detail of Jaffna High Court Judge M. Ilanchezhiyan, who was undergoing treatment at the Jaffna General Hospital for gunshot injuries in yesterday’s shootout at Nallur, died early this morning, the Police said.

They said another Policeman was also injured in the shooting.

Two gunmen, who came on a motorcycle, had grabbed a pistol of one of the two Policemen, who were providing security to the judge’s vehicle, and fired at the Policeman and the Jaffna High Court Judge M. Ilanchezhiyan, who is a member of the trial-at-bar that is hearing the rape and murder of Vidya in Jaffna.

However, the judge escaped unhurt as the Policemen prevented the judge from getting off the vehicle.

(Daily Mirror)