Police summon Sri Lankan citizen for speaking against Visa issuance takeover

Sandaruwan Kumarasinghe

A Sri Lankan man who spoke out at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) in Katunayake on May 01 against the takeover of the on-arrival visa issuance process by an Indian company has been summoned to the Katunayake Airport Police to record a statement today (May 06).

Accordingly, the statement was recorded from the individual in question, Sandaruwan Kumarasinghe, who is a lawyer by profession, at the Airport Police around 10:00 AM today (May 06).

It is reported that another group of lawyers was also present when the youth in question arrived at the Police station.

He expressed regret at being called to the police station.

He stated that the people must determine whether the statement should be recorded from him, who represented the people, or from those who decided to outsource the visa issuance to a foreign company.

He emphasized that people must have the right to raise their voices when national assets are sold out.

A video circulated on social media showing long queues at the airport, and a Sri Lankan individual was blaming the Indian visa issuing officers, alleging that his wife’s on-arrival visa was cancelled.

He shouted, questioning how an Indian person could decide his or his wife’s visa status and asserting his rights as a Sri Lankan citizen.

He claimed he had the right to decide his visa and emphasized his status as a taxpayer, stating he paid approximately Rs. 4 million rupees each year.

He insisted on his right to raise his voice in this matter and showed disgust as to why the Sri Lankan Government had to sell the visa-issuing system to an Indian company when several Sri Lankan companies could handle that.

Meanwhile, it is also reported that Katunayake Police obtained statements last evening (May 05) from three officers of the Department of Immigration and Emigration who had allegedly recorded the recent incident.