President instructs to develop Mahaweli farm lands

Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena

President Maithripala Sirisena instructs officials to develop the Mahaweli farm lands to a profitable level in line with the National Program on Food Production.

The President was speaking at the progress review meeting of the Ministry of Mahaweli Development and the Mahaweli Authority, held today (Dec. 09) at the Mahaweli Auditorium.

The President, as the Minister of Mahaweli Development inspected the performance of the Mahaweli Authority before participating in this meeting.

The attention was paid on reaching the goals of 2016 in the Mahaweli areas, parallel to the National Program on Food Production.

President Sirisena stated that he would inspect the development work of Mahaweli farm lands separately. He said he would make observation visits to those areas from January next year.

Identifying the land issues pertaining to the areas belongs to Mahaweli Authority as well as handing over land deeds to landless families were discussed in detail at the meeting.

The attention was also drawn to expedite the development works of the Weli Oya area of the Mahaweli Zone B and to begin the resettlement process of the farming community in the Mahaweli Zone D at the Bisopura new development zone in Medirigiriya by 2016.

The President pointed out that the officials should be more committed to achieve the targets of 2016 while executing their duties efficiently and skillfully in the fields of Mahaweli, environment and forest conservations.

The President looks into the progress of the drug prevention and kidney disease prevention programs held in the Mahaweli area.

The President advised relevant officials to provide speedy solutions to the matters relating to the schools in the area also he inquired about the progress of the programs implemented to develop the facilities in the area.

(President’s Media)