Provide electricity at affordable rates

President Mahinda Rajapaksa advised the Power and Energy Ministry to provide electricity to the public at affordable rates without thinking of profit. He said so at a meeting with the Minister of Power and Energy Champika Ranawaka and other senior Ministry officials at the Ministry premises tuesday

Electricity is an important part of life today. It is essential in the day to day activities of the people as well as for development purposes, the President said, pointing out the importance of carrying out an efficient public service by the Ministry.

President recalled when the government came into power in 2005, it designed programmes to fulfill the people’s electricity needs. He said the present government is completing mega electricity projects which were abandoned by previous governments.

‘We need to fulfill people’s aspirations. Therefore, the Power and Energy Ministry has a great responsibility in serving the public regardless of party politics, or ethnic, religious and other differences.

The Ministry officials should lead the government’s development process,’ he said.

He expressed gratitude to the Ministry officials for their efficiency in contributing towards providing electricity to the East after it was liberated from terrorism.

President Rajapaksa referring to the increasing fuel prices in the global market stated that the government is planning a programme to provide fuel to the public at affordable rates.

Expressing his ideas during the meeting, Minister Ranawaka stated that the Ministry is at a sound financial position. He added the Ministry is fully committed in providing a good service to the public and is carrying out the policies of ‘Mahinda Chintana’ to provide electricity for all.

Deputy Minister of Power and Energy Premalal Jayasekara and other officials of the Ministry joined in the discussion.

Source: Government News Portal