Rajitha urges Government to use Nelum Pokuna for COVD-19 treatment

Rajitha Senaratne

Former Health Minister and SJB MP Rajitha Senaratne yesterday called on the Government to utilise the Nelum Pokuna Theatre as a COVID-19 treatment centre.

Speaking in Parliament yesterday, Senaratne pointed out that it was unsafe to admit COVID-19 patients in hospitals with tertiary care services, as it could result in the spread of the virus and look into alternative places to house COVID infected patients.

“We urge the Government to use Nelum Pokuna as a COVID treatment centre. It could be turned into a treatment centre by arranging beds in its ample space which is not being used right now,” he said.

Senaratne further suggested that Millennium Ward Complex at the Colombo South Teaching Hospital and the Polonnaruwa Renal Treatment Hospital could also be used as COVID treatment centres.

He also urged the Government to heed to health authorities and go for a lockdown to contain the spread of the virus.

(Source: Daily FT)