RDA issued a notice to remove Street Food stalls in Kimbulawala

Kimbulawala street food in Sri Lanka

Kimbulawala street food stalls. (Photo: YouTube)

The Road Development Authority (RDA) has informed the Street Food vendors in Kimbulawala to remove their stalls within 14 days.

A senior official of the RDA told media that the street food stalls in Kimbulawala are obstructing the vehicles running on the road and two-storey stalls have been built without permission.

The RDA informs that this decision has been taken as complaints are received daily that road accidents are taking place due to these street food outlets.

However, the shopkeepers stated that they would like to run the shops under the regulation of an institution.

Earlier, the Urban Development Authority (UDA) had decided to remove these shops, but later the shops were allowed to run based on the agreement to take Street Food stalls several steps back from the road.

Although there is an agreement, some shopkeepers are still running their shops blocking the road.