Real Buddhist is the one who works for masses’ betterment,contentment: President

President Maithripala Sirisena Vesak Message

Today, the Vesak Day, the Buddhists the world over elebrate the Birth, Enlightenment and the Mahaparinirvana of the Gauthama Buddha, the greatest religious visionary lived 2560 years ago, with unparallelled compassion and kindness towards the fellow human beings, President Maithripala Sirisena stated in a message to mark Vesak.

The message: “The Buddha, after attaining the way to traverse sorrow through wisdom, taught the path to achieve spiritual and physical tranquility. With the understanding of the human being, the surroundings and also the universe, the Gauthama taught an all inclusive, comprehensive Dhamma which is timeless. It has encompassed the development of knowledge and wisdom, discipline of one’s sense, spiritual tranquility, selflessness and such practices that result in the betterment of the human society.

Although, the Buddha told us that emancipation could be achieved through spiritual development and wisdom, we are gradually distancing from this noble truth. The society is our common stage. There are many performances on this stage. Our display of devotion, truthfulness, purity, and selflessness are mere dishonest acts than honest deeds. There is no validity of our Buddhist label if we are unable to control our sinful thoughts arisen in our minds through our wisdom.

Where there is wisdom, compassion, kindness, equanimity, human devotion, tranquility, discipline, righteousness, selflessness and simplicity, you find Buddhism. The Buddhist way of life is to respect peace and humanity.

The path to overcome greed, hatred, fear and ignorance is necessary not only for the social existence but also for the good governance. The Buddhist minds should develop the aspirations of a society in which there is no distinction of race, caste, religion or social status.

Many people believe that the religious life is the practices of offering flowers, listening to religious sermons and visiting temples on Poya days. However, the real Buddhist is the one who works for the betterment and the contentment of the masses. May all Buddhists act with determination to the path that leads to the emancipation of the people. Let us first correct ourselves and then attempt to correct others.

With compassionate mind, I wish you a joyful Vesak celebration!”

Let us bring our lives in line with sublime message of Dhamma: PM

Ranil Wickremasinghe

As we celebrate the thrice blessed Vesak Day once again, we are reminded of the true values of the Buddha enshrined – Metta, Muditha, Karuna and Upekkha which must be the ideals that are upheld in a sincere spiritual awakening towards building social goodwill and harmony, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe stated in a message to mark Vesak.

The message: “Vesak is not only the most sacred day to all Buddhists but it also signifies a greater message of love and compassion for mankind; it places a responsibility on us as Buddhists to lead lives that are truly in line with the teachings of the Buddha. Let us strive to right the wrongs, substitute positivity for negativity, replace anger with compassion, meet hatred with love, overtake evil with good and replace lies with the truth.

This Vesak, as always, let us bring our lives in line with the sublime message of the Dhamma ; let us re-dedicate ourselves towards experiencing a fresh sense of spiritual guidance towards the right path of enlightenment, engaging in a spirit of sharing and compassionate co-existence.

Our government has taken an initiative concerning greater uplift of the Buddha Sasana and The Sangha Society while ensuring the well being of the people, towards a goal of building and sustaining a just and a compassionate society.

May all beings be happy and may the enlightenment of Vesak truly light the path of understanding and loving kindness for all.”

Have virtuous thoughts in minds: Opposition Leader

R Sampanthan

Vesak Poya day is very important and sacred for Buddhists in the world who commemorate the Buddha’s Birth, Enlightenment and passing away with great devotion, Opposition Leader R. Sampanthan stated in a message to mark Vesak.

The message: “It is my privilege as the leader of the Opposition of Parliament to extend my good wishes to all Sri Lankans on this great Poya Day.

I extend my good wishes to everyone in the world and urge them to have virtuous thoughts in their minds following the observances of the Dhamma eliminating the thoughts of jealousy, hate and cruelty and also work towards the dawn of world peace establishing quality and co-existence among all communities, creating a society which follows the five precepts in accordance with the guidance preached by the Buddha.

I wish you all a happy Vesak festival.”

(Courtesy: Daily News)