Residents of Katuwana surround police in protest against a death of an individual – protestors tear gassed

Sri Lanka Police tear gas

A group of residents surrounded Katuwana police in protest of the death of an individual in Katuwana – Bengamukanda last night.

Police have launched a tear gas attack on a protest launched by the rasidents against the Katuwana police station.

The protest continued for almost four and half hours.

A group of officers from the Katuwana Police had conducted a raid on an illegal liquor brewery in the Bengamukanda area in Katuwana yesterday.

Area residents claim that the 50 year old individual died as a consequence of being assaulted by police.

According to the police officials the person was found lying on the road and that they had then intervened and acted to admit him to a hospital. The police have denied allegations that they have carried out an assault.

However, the residents had gathered at the Katuwana police station and stoned the police station and engaged in burning tires on the road.

4 police officers were admitted to walasmulla hospital, due to injures incurred during the protest.

Police noted that 40 motorcycles and 6 three wheelers used by protesters were seized.

The Police Station had called in extra police officers from nearby police stations and officers of the Police Special Task Force (STF) to evacuate protestors who were dispelled after a tear gas attack.

The postmortem examination is to be held today.

The senior police officer who oversees the area noted that following the post-mortem examination, the cause of death would be revealed.