Revelations of SJB MPs cause uproar in Parliament

Parliament of Sri Lanka

Some information revealed by SJB MPs Harin Fernando and Manusha Nanayakkara with regard to the Easter Sunday attack in Parliament caused uproar in Parliament yesterday.

Both Opposition MPs who made disclosures insisted that Mawlavi Naufer was not the mastermind behind the attack.

“A person who had conferred with Zahran Hashim was arrested by the police just after the Easter Sunday attacks in 2019. However, some officers attached to the Army Intelligence Unit had got this person released from the police stating that it was their project to carry out investigations. We feel that someone is trying to hide information and sabotage the investigations on the Easter Sunday attacks,” the MP Nanayakara said.

“I feel that even the MPs who disturb me in the Hose today are also doing so to hide something,” he added.

Mr. Nanayakkra said someone who had been referred to as “Sonic Sonic” had communicated with the ISIS. “This person code named Sonic Soncic had asked the persons from the ISIS whom he communicated with, as to why the ISIS chief had not undertaken the project to carry out the Easter Sunday attacks. Later he was informed that the ISIS leader had accepted the task of carrying out the attack. Also the attackers had been divided into two groups and had been functioning from safe houses in Panadura and Jaella. Those two groups had then discussed the delay in carrying out the attacks. “Boss is upset because of the delay. Therefore we must carry out the attack fast” they had discussed. “Who is this boss? This is what needs to be found out. Also the Attorney General had failed to provide advice to DIG Nalaka Silva when he sought the former’s advice on arresting Zahran, These were disclosed during the investigations carried out by the Presidential Commission but not included in its report,” the MP said.

(Source: Daily Mirror – By Yohan Perera and Ajith Siriwardana)