Security clearance required when a Sri Lankan wishes to marry a foreigner


Photo source: Glen Reception

The Registrar General’s Department has issued a circular making a Security Clearance Report mandatory in the event of a marriage between a Sri Lankan citizen and a foreigner.

The department said the circular has been issued following the instructions received from the Defence Ministry as a measure to ensure national security.

As per the current marriage registration procedure, only three documents such as a valid passport, a certification of confirmation of civil status and the birth certificate are required to proceed with the marriage registration process.

However, under the new process, original of the license issued by the Registrar General and a self-declaration of the health condition (Health Declaration) are required apart from the existing prerequisites.

At the same time, the original copy of the certificate obtained from the security authorities of the relevant country should be sent to the Civil Registration Unit of the department through the Sri Lankan party or an agent indicating there are no convict for any offence during the past six months.

Obtaining the ‘Security Clearance Report’ will proceed through the department after which a licence will be issued to the local party to hand over to the Additional District Registrar who will register the marriage.

According to the new circular, such marriages should only be registered through the Additional District Registrars after obtaining ‘Security Clearance Report’.

Moreover, the marriage can be solemnised in churches upon the issuance of the Registrar’s Certificate.

The circular will be enacted from January 01, 2022.

(Source: Daily Mirror – By Sheain Fernandopulle)