Seven new Ministers to be sworn in today

Rauff Hakeem with Muslim ministers in Sri Lanka

The group of Muslim Parliamentarians, who resigned from their respective Ministerial portfolios following the Easter Sunday attacks, are expected to be sworn-in as Ministers once again at 7 tonight.

A Presidential Secretariat spokesperson said if the swearing in ceremony does not take place during the course of the today, it will be held before the weekly Cabinet meeting tomorrow.

The group of Nine Muslim MPs, including Cabinet and State Ministers resigned from the respective portfolios to facilitate the conduct of an independent inquiry into the Easter Sunday Bombings.

A group of MPs was accused of influencing the on-going Easter Sunday attack investigations, resulting in mass resignations in June this year.

However, after receiving a go ahead and assurance from the government, United National Party Parliamentarians Kabir Hashim and AHM Haleem were re-appointed as Cabinet Ministers.

The remaining seven other MPs are expected to be re-appointed later today or tomorrow.

(Source: News Radio)