Shelton Premaratne passes away

Shelton Premaratne

Renowned Sri Lankan music composer Dr. Shelton Premaratne passed away this morning (May 30) in Australia at the age of 94.

Dr. Shelton Premaratne was a Sri Lankan composer, instrumentalist, and music director. At a time when Sinhala music closely followed Hindi and Tamil music from India, Dr. Premaratne created a style that was original and unique to Sri Lanka.

Skilled with various Eastern and Western instruments, Dr. Premaratne contributed to Sinhala cinema, theater, and classical Sri Lankan music. He was the music composer and director for over 30 stage productions, including Henry Jayasena’s popular theater production “Hunuwataye Kathawa” (The Caucasian Chalk Circle), and 21 Sinhala films such as “Daskon,” “Romeo Juliet Kathawak,” and “Hithaka Pipunu Mal.”

He won many national and international awards.

Dr. Premaratne was living in Sydney, Australia, with his beloved son at the time of his passing.