SLPP Pradeshiya Sabha member arrested over Thambuttegama armed robbery attempt

Handcuffs - Arrest by Police

A member of the Rajanganaya Pradeshiya Sabha has been arrested in connection with the attempted armed robbery of Rs. 22.3 million in cash near a private bank in Thambuththegama yesterday (September 26), police said.

It was revealed, the member of the Rajanganaya Pradeshiya Sabha is representing Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP).

He is accused of aiding and abetting the two suspects arrested over the robbery attempt, and he was arrested by a special police team based on the information revealed by the two suspects arrested yesterday (September 26).

The incident took place yesterday (September 26) at around 2:00 pm, near a private bank in Thambuttegama and at the time of the incident Police Sergeant Buddhika Kumara attached to the Thambuttegama Police was present at the scene and he fought with the two robbers and arrested them.