Sobitha Thera questions Governments ability to control prices

Omalpe Sobitha thera

Venerable Omalpe Sobitha Thera questions as to how the public can have faith in a government that cannot control a small group of selfish businessmen.

Speaking to the media in Embilipitiya, Sobitha Thera said the inability of government leaders was visible when they failed to control the price of rice.

The Thera said the Trade Minister should accept responsibility over the crisis and tender his resignation.

Venerable Sobitha Thera said the public is desperately in need of support amidst the coronavirus pandemic and charged the President of deliberately failing to fulfil his duties.

Sobitha Thera said leaders and Ministers around the world resign when they are unable to discharge their duties.

The Thera said private businessmen cannot be allowed to dictate prices of rice.

Sobitha Thera said the public requires the support of the government during this present crucial juncture and therefore urged the government to intervene and provide rice at reasonable rates.

The Thera requested the government to implement people-friendly policies and support citizens.

(Source: News Radio)