Sri Lanka gears up for Presidential Election with rising costs

Presidential Election 2024 in Sri Lanka

The Election Commission of Sri Lanka held a meeting yesterday (July 9) to discuss preparations for the upcoming Presidential Election.

Representatives from the Government Printer, Inspector General of Police, and Postmaster General attended the meeting.

The Government Printer confirmed they have enough materials to conduct five elections but reported that printing costs have increased fourfold compared to previous elections. A detailed estimate of these costs will be provided soon.

The Inspector General of Police promised comprehensive security arrangements from the nomination period until the election’s end.

The Postmaster General assured the commission that all election-related activities, including the distribution of ballot papers, will run smoothly.

According to the Constitution, the National Election Commission can announce the Presidential Election after July 17, 2024.

Chairman of the Election Commission, R.M.A.L. Rathnayake, confirmed that the election date will be announced before the end of July 2024.