Sri Lanka Government restricts holding musical shows, political meetings at Galle Face Green

Aragalaya at Galle Face in Colombo Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan people protest on April 13, 2022, in front of the Presidential Secretariat office in Galle Face, Colombo. (Photo by Pradeep Dambarage / NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Sri Lanka’s Cabinet of Ministers have decided not to grant permission for the holding of musical performances, political meetings or other mass gatherings at the Galle Face Green, except for religious activities, with effect from April 20.

A document from the Department of Government Information noted that the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) has accepted the task of conducting a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program and has already spent Rs. 220 million to carry out development programs.

It added, Rs. 6.6 million had to be spent on the repairs carried out to the Galle Face Green due to damages caused during the ‘Aragalaya’ period.

It noted that it has become impossible to maintain the beauty of Galle Face Green due to mass gatherings, and thus with effect from April 20, 2023, Galle Face Green will only be used for religious events.