Sri Lanka increases postal charges

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Postage charges in Sri Lanka have been increased with effect from 15th August, 2022.

Postage fee for ordinary letter has been increased from  Rs.15 to Rs.50 and the registered postage fee will be increased from Rs.30 to Rs.60.

Under the facility to mail letters at subsidised rates for charities and voluntary organisations, the postage fee for a letter weighing up to 20 grams has been revised from Rs. 12 rupees to Rs.30.

Steps have also been taken to increase the postal fee for letter delivery within the Colombo Metropolitan Area from Rs.12 to Rs.30. The fee for open printed matter packet letter service has also been increased from Rs.12 to Rs.30. The initial fee for newspapers and magazines registered with the Department of Posts has been increased from Rs.10 to Rs.20.

The maximum weight of a parcel that can be forwarded by this service is one kilogramme and it costs 110 rupees to send such a parcel by post.

The price of Rs. 90 has been increased to Rs. 150 postal items weighing 250 grams sent under general mail.

Meanwhile, the price of a postcard has been increased from Rs.10 to Rs. 20.A stamp cover which cost Rs. 18 has been revised to Rs.60 and a large stamp cover of Rs.20 has been revised to Rs. 70. Along with the revision of postal charges, the maximum money limit of Rs. 50,000 which could be remitted through the Money Order Service has been increased to Rs.100,000.

Read the Gazette Here.