Sri Lanka is still under threat – warns Secretary Defence

Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa yesterday said that there is a possibility that the re-emergence of LTTE in Sri Lanka, as LTTE sympathizers abroad still struggling to achieve the LTTE’s separatist ideology in the country.

He made this observation speaking on ‘Future Challenges to National Security in Sri Lanka’ organized by Sri Lanka Foundation Institute and Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited, at the auditorium of the Institute.

The Secretary described extensively on following topics in his public lecture.

  • The reorganisation of the LTTE in the international arena
  • The possible re-emergence of terrorism within Sri Lanka
  • The efforts by some to take Sri Lanka’s internal issues in front of international bodies
  • The challenges posed by the regional geopolitical situation
  • The possibility of creating instability within Sri Lanka through indirect means

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Courtesy: Ministry of Defense