Sri Lanka seeks increased support from UN and NGOs for flood relief and recovery

Premitha Bandara Tennakoon is in a discussion on bad weather in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s State Minister of Defence, Premitha Bandara Tennakoon, led a meeting with representatives from UN agencies, INGOs, and NGOs to discuss ongoing rescue and relief efforts for communities affected by bad weather.

The meeting took place yesterday (June 5) in his office in Colombo.

During the meeting, the State Minister updated the officials on the latest weather developments and the progress of the relief operations being coordinated by disaster management authorities, including District and Divisional Secretariats, the tri-forces, police, Civil Security Department, and other state officials.

He expressed deep appreciation for the support provided by the UN agencies, INGOs, and NGOs to flood victims and emphasized the need for more help in post-disaster repair and rebuilding to restore normal life.

He specifically requested increased assistance for repairing schools, many of which are serving as shelters for flood victims, and for fixing damaged houses.

The officials from the UN agencies, INGOs, and NGOs showed a willingness to provide further assistance.

The meeting was also attended by Disaster Management Centre officials and representatives from various UN agencies, including UNICEF, WHO, Red Cross, World Vision, and other NGOs.