Sri Lanka to revise electricity tariffs every 03 months

Power cut candle in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s Cabinet of Ministers has granted approval to revise the electricity tariffs every three months considering the inconveniences the public has to confront.

Accordingly, as per the existing general policies guidelines, the electricity tariff review is done every six months and it will be reduced to three months.

The minister in charge of the subject of electricity is vested with the power of preparing a general policy guideline on the supply of electricity, subject to the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers as per the provisions of the Sri Lanka Electricity Act No. 20 of 2009.

The joint Cabinet proposal was furnished by the President in his capacity as the Finance Minister, Economic Stabilization and National Policies with the Minister of Electricity and Power to revise the relevant period as three (03) months to implement power dispatch audits of the Ceylon Electricity Board and strengthen hydroelectricity forecasts with the assistance of the Department of Meteorology so that the general policy guidelines already implemented can be revised.