Sri Lankan Baker Tharshan Selvarajah joins Olympic torch relay in France

Tharshan Selvarajah

Tharshan Selvarajah

As the Olympic flame touched down in France from Greece, excitement brewed for the relay involving 10,000 torchbearers, each representing diverse stories of achievement.

Among them is Tharshan Selvarajah, a Paris-based baker born in Sri Lanka, who arrived in France for the first time in 2006.

Known for his award-winning baguettes, he makes history as the first Sri Lankan torchbearer in the annals of the Olympic Games.

In 2023, the winner of the “Grand Prize of the Traditional French Baguette,” organized by the Paris City Hall, was the baguette made by Tharshan Selvarajah.

Following this achievement, he received the opportunity to supply baguettes to France’s presidential palace.