Sri Lanka’s public transport fares expected to increase from January 2024

Public transport bus in Colombo Sri Lanka

Passengers travel on the door of a public transport bus in Colombo, Sri Lanka. (Photo by Pradeep Dambarage / NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Sri Lanka’s public transport service providers (bus, school van and three-wheeler) have focused on revising transport fares due to the increase in VAT (value added tax) effective from January 01, 2024.

The minimum bus fare should be increased to Rs. 35, In view of the increase in VAT, General Secretary of the All Ceylon Private Bus Owners’ Association Anjana Priyanjith said.

Chairman of the All Island School Van Operators Association, Malsiri de Silva, told the media that no conclusion has yet been reached on the fees to be increased.

“We know that increasing the school van fee is a huge burden to the parents, but in the current situation, we also cannot do anything to reduce the school van fare,” he said.

All-Island Three-Wheeler Drivers’ Union President Lalith Dharmasekera told the media that the price of petrol possibly increased by at least Rs. 50 in January 2024, and if that happens, the fees for the first kilometer will have to be increased.

“We did not take any measures to revise fares on previous occasions where the government had increased petrol prices. But this time, we cannot remain so. We have to increase the fares according to the price increases,” he said.