Tamil Nadu bans Sri Lanka IPL cricketers from Chennai – Sri Lankan Cricketers must choose between money or Nation

Tamil Nadu bans Sri Lanka IPL cricketers from Chennai

– by Shenali Waduge –

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalith in competition with former CM on who out does the other at championing the cause of Tamils in a sovereign country has declared that IPL matches would be permitted in Chennai if NO Sri Lankan players, umpires, officials or support staff are in these matches. We hear Ms. Jayalalitha loud and clear – Delhi take notice as India appears to be ruled from Tamil Nadu as chosen by Chairperson of Congress. Sri Lankan players take note for its time to decide if money is more important than the integrity of one’s country.

Sadly, the ugly game of politics has entered the field of sports. This is cheap politics aka Tamil Nadu. We all enjoy cricket but these theatrics are now bordering the ridiculous and India is allowing such to continue goes to only strengthen our impression of India.

We can’t expect any better than this though we continue to say that these antics does not represent the voice of entire India. Nevertheless, since media choses to use these stories to bloat into an international plot even the worst of actors ends up getting prime time coverage.

We have been humiliated enough. Sri Lanka’s national cricketers need to ask whether they will submit themselves to humiliation at the cost of the nation. Money is not everything and that is something a lot of people responsible for bringing Sri Lanka to this situation need to introspect about. A lot of the misfortunes that have placed Sri Lanka in embarrassing situations are solely because of the monetary and personal advantages sacrificed for what is in the best interest of the nation.

Sri Lanka’s national team need to rise to the occasion and make a choice that does not compromise the remaining pride of Sri Lanka.

It is time we all put Country before Self.