Tamil Nadu Tamils represent 6% in India but India’s Central Government is molly cuddling DMK!

Sri Lanka and India Flags

– By Shenali Waduge –

We are baffled. How can a country which has a population of 1.2BILLION people continue to fall at the feet of political parties passing the pillow of power between them in the state of Tamil Nadu which has a population of 72million Tamils which is just 6% of the entire population?

The DMK and AIADMK have taken turns in their support for the LTTE over the years. They have also taken turns in vilifying the LTTE as well. The amount of contradictory statements coming from these two political parties of Tamil Nadu speaks volumes of “opportunism” and highlights the need for New Delhi to change its stance of bending to Tamil Nadu’s whims and fancies.

· Karunanidhi eulogising LTTE leader is serious: AIADMK (Times of India – 2007)

· Desperate LTTE targets Karunanidhi (Indian Express – 2009)

· LTTE is using Tamils as a shield (Jayalalitha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjHb9YW_GVw – January 2009)

India is well aware that it is separatism that first forced India to import the struggle creating a guerilla movement in Sri Lanka. Therefore, so long as India continues to allow the very mouthpieces that took turns to nurse Sri Lanka’s tiger, India’s sovereignty remains under threat and at high risk of separation this time with Western involvement.

India must not forget the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi on Indian soil was a clear message that the LTTE was no longer prepared to be India’s baby as it had been adopted by the West to carry out its sinister designs upon India. Warnings appear to go unheeded for India in view of its preoccupation or rather obsession to keep Sri Lanka under its noose.

What India needs to do is to move towards a new Indo-Lanka policy along the lines of what Romesh Bhandari advocated “India intends to have an Indian rather than a Tamil Nadu policy towards Sri Lanka”. Its now bordering the ridiculous when the entire world is laughing at a country as big as India which is seen dancing to the tune of Tamil Nadu.

This is not what we would expect from Hindi India. But, India not surprisingly is taking the “pacifying” route and agreeing to bring a Resolution against Sri Lanka on human rights violations. Its now 4 years on shouldn’t DMK have resigned from the UPA Government when India started working with President Rajapakse helping with the Northern reconstruction and resettlement? We would also like to know in what manner these political parties actually helped the Sri Lankan Tamils. What about the appalling conditions that the Sri Lankan Tamil refugees in Tamil Nadu live in yet there is no shortage of tears!

DMK has 18MPs in the Lok Sabha. UPA has a total 250 seats in the Lok Sabha and without DMK the number will reach 232 and with outside support UPA will have 303 while the Opposition has 240 seats.

If the media presence when the second Buddhist priest was attacked in India gives a message these kollywood antics of Tamil Nadu keeps us in Colombo quite entertained for we impatiently wait to see what more melodrama’s are in store before the Geneva vote on 22 March 2013. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister describes DMK’s withdrawal a “drama” too. We only remember like yesterday the 3 hour fast by Karunanidhi in 2009.

What is so unsettling is to see a Central Government as mighty as India bow down to the Tamil Nadu whining.

Yet, Tamil Nadu may boast of 72million Tamils but Sri Lanka has friends in India too –and they are the 167million Dalits who account for 16% of the total population of India and many of them are Buddhist Ambedkarites. These ties will help secure the goodwill between India and Sri Lanka that India’s current Central Government does not have the pluck to deliver.